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The forum?s Rogue member has made 8 posts today in violation of his Ban from the forum. As I was the moderator ?on duty? This has backed me/ (the moderators) into a corner. The pub has been placed on a ?post? by ?post? moderation. Every post must be viewed by a moderator and approved before the general members can see it. All other forums are locked, and no posts will be able to be made.If you wish to comment on the current state of the forum post it in the pub and if it is a clean post the moderators will approve it.

Until the issue with the rogue member is dealt with, the forum will remain this way. So if you are unhappy with the way the forum is now, blame me because I?m the one that did it, blame Doug Lord because he is the one that caused it, and e-mail/pm/post to Chad because he is the only one who is going to be able to fix it.

-Dan Sherman

Make that 8 post and an antagonistic pm.

-Dan Sherman

Dan I see this two ways.

Firstly there has been people (including myself) totally jacked off by the self promotion of one member. This member can’t understand that people have there own minds and therefore there own ideas. The group of member’s that are taking offence to this member are only the minority .

On the other hand there are member’s who have stated via this forum that they aren’t concerned by the posts from this “rogue” member they just come on to discuss ideas that they are interested in. Taking the step’s you are taking will cause this majority to be more annoyed than understanding.

THe answer as far as I am concerned is for those that are being sent e-mails to home and work need to just block the sender.

Let’s have this forum back for the good of us all. Don’t let one bad apple spoil the positives.


Very, very creepy pms. Sorry you have to receive them Dan.

Peter: I don’t think you realize the damage that one person can do to this forum. Think back, you couldn’t have a multi-hull discussion without it turning into a debate on one single persons “ideas”. You couldn’t talk about boat design without it being hijacked into a discussion about moving ballast. And remember what would happen if you disagreed? The name calling, the attacks… Basically, once every six weeks this forum would melt down totally.

I also don’t think the suggestion to just block e-mail from Doug Lord is the answer. First, it isn’t hard to find a way around those blocks. Second, what you are suggesting is that people who are victims of abuse should just hide in their houses with the lights out when the bully comes pounding on the door. Fact is you should penalize the improprer behavior, not encourage the victims to pretend that nothhing bad is happening.

But none of this should be relevant. Fact is the moderators, the people in charge here, decided that Doug had broken the rules and banned him from this site. Doug didn’t appeal his banning. Doug didn’t wait to get himself reinstated by Chad. He simply decided that he was right, the “law” was wrong, and he would come back onto this site like it or not. To allow Doug to get away with this behavior means there is no law, no rules and no consequences for misconduct. That can’t be allowed to stand.

Ok here it is forum members just more proof of Doug Lords Antaganistic ways.
How much more proof do people need.

-Daniel Sherman

more of the same

-Dan Sherman

Perhaps I’m too new as a member to comment, but here goes.

I don’t know Doug Lord, I don’t know the moderators, but like others, I’ve found this forum to be a wonderful community, both as a guest reader of the posts, and more recently as a member. I’m saddened to think that it will grind to a halt because of the loose words of one member.

But you know - it’s a bit like that old bully at school. If you ignore him, sooner or later he’ll go away. Words only have an impact if you let them.

Doug Lord is pushing your red buttons guys, and you are rising to the bait (understandably). Whatever the background, there is no excuse for the nature of these posts from Mr Lord, but there is also no impact if he’s just given the silent treatment.

Banning the member? - Yes.
Blocking his posts? - I think a temporary fix only - anyone can switch to a new ISP, new account etc.
Deleting the posts as they arise? Certainly, frustrating though it may be.
But most importantly - let’s not rise to the bait - just ignore it.

Let’s not make this a forum where all posts must be first reviewed by the moderators.

And to all moderators - you do a great job, and I appreciate you. To Cougar, with regard to your post in another thread, DON’T GO! You’re posts are great at bring out the exchange of ideas that this forum should be all about.

On the subject of repeated unsolicited and unwelcome emails to private email addresses - in addition to systems based techniques to deal with this, you may also have legal remedies. I’ll not discuss those here - but you may like to keep this in mind if necessary.

So let’s keep a stiff upper lip chaps.


I understand the points you are trying to make. However try to see it from the moderator?s point of view. Chad has put rules in place that all forum members are supposed to abide by. If a forum member breaks the rules we the moderators are suppose to intervene and make sure the member knows he has broken the rules and to warn him/her not to do it again.

If we allow one member to get away with breaking the rules, then there is no point to having any rules at all, and the forum will just fall into a state of anarchy.

Is this the type of forum members want? If so let me know because I will resign, because I want no part in a forum of that kind.

As a member had stated in another post the forum statistics has shown that since the ban of the rogue member the number of post per month has gone up, as well as the number of people making posts has gone up as well.

So I guess the question really is do you want a forum dominated by one individual and his ideas, who will verbally assault you if you disagree with him? Or do you want a forum where there is a group of individuals discussing a range of different topics?

I personally vote for the second option, but it?s not up to me. Let the mods know what you want and we will be sure it gets done.

-Dan Sherman

Dan and Roy

You misunderstand my post. I think he should go permanently for the reasons that you are stating, but I am looking at the reality, Chad has the power to do it, he isn’t.

Doug was the centre of attention don’t that long ago. The forum improved dramatically when he was gone.

My idea in the last post was to not "put out " the majority.


OK Dan, to make it crystal clear here’s my vote. I hope others too will cast a vote one way or the other.

Ban the member? Yes.
Block the posts? Yes - if you can, but if you can’t…
Delete the posts as they arise? Yes.

Review every post before allowing it on the Board - I don’t mind either way, as I trust all moderators to allow posts through that are in the spirit of the forum. Your decision either way in this regard would not alter my involvement - it would continue. My only concern is that it creates a lot more work for the hard working morderators.

Resign? Please no.

I hope the clarity helps - even if it’s just one small voice.


Have to agree with JayDee

lifetime ban. BUT! ! ! To be fair to all parties involved. THis is Forum Members and also Doug Lord.

I am going to suggest a item that may really tick of some and may make others smile. Drawing from my work here is what I am thinking.

I just wonder after reading the copies of DL’s replys to the “Offical Ban notice” and to “moderators” it would be interesting to see what the item said that was sent to Mr Lord. This would give a full picture to how Mr Lord operates. Actually very few of us have seen what Mr Lord posts to others that has brought about the attempt to ban him. Maybe we that have not gotten mail from Mr Lord are lucky, I do not know.

Now this is just a thought. Enough talk has happened and finally some action is been taken. Since the forum is currently locked and not to long ago you had to sign in to read the pub(for a poll)here is what I suggest

  1. post all of Mr Doug Lords messages that are at the heart of the problem Under the topic “Facts”. THis topic would contain ALL emails and pms and blocked messages to the forum members.Only the messages that offended the reciever are allowed to be posted. Note if you replyed to a email from Mr Doug Lord you have to post this also. Copies of all items would have to be sent to one of the mods to ensure they were actual postings. This would enable all (members) to see as I said how Mr Doug Lord operates and what was said by both parties.
    Note only four (4)days to post items.

  2. After this is done I would suggest all members read all the posts and replys. One (1) week for this.

  3. Then members that feel Mr D Lord should be banned and those that feel he should stay respond in the forum poll under the topics Stays/Goes. No other comment would be allowed. Moderators monitor vote.
    THis vote would be over three (3)days.

  4. Results of the vote would be posted simple as topic called “results”. This topic shows simple xxx voted stay xxx voted go.

  5. Doug Lord would be allowed to make a comment in regards to the posts in Facts under the heading of Rebuttal. ONLY ONE COMMENT ALLOWED MR LORD. If you feel you must name call in the responce go ahead. I would suggest that no vulgar language be used. Remember you are stating points as to why you should be allowed to stay based on the posted items in “Facts”

  6. results of the vote and copies of the “Facts” and the “rebuttal” would be forwarded to Chad.

  7. The topic “Facts”,“Stay/Go” and “Rebuttal” would then be removed and saved. incase there was any concerns about the vote and any emails that were posted

Granted this would take about 14 days to complete. Then if and when Chad responds to the vote. Maybe Doug Lord will be gone or Chad will allow him to stay.

This may be the fairest way to get a true reading as to what the memberships feels.

Until this is done or Chad decides what he is going to do, I do not mind the forums been controled. Sure a delay bites but what the heck if it is “clean” there is no problem



I agree with your opinions; however I don?t believe I should post the pms/emails/posts. Several of them contain profanity, witch Chad wants to keep out of the forum, because it was brought to his attention that youngsters frequent this forum. Though I will say that I personally have allot of proof saved on my computer for Chad to review if he wishes. I have screenshots of almost every post Mr. Lord has made in violation of his ban. Including one or two filled with colorful metaphors, that he posted when the pub was first under moderation because he knew only the Moderators would be able to read them.

I still have copies of almost every harassing, vulgar e-mail I have received from him. Including the ones where he used the forum to e-mail me and the ones he sent from his private e-mail account after Chad warned him about sending them through the forum. And I know some people say ones from his personal account are not relevant, but I disagree, if it?s related to things on the forum then its relevant in my eyes.

If Chad is ok with it, I will post them. But last time I posted nasty e-mails I received, I got in trouble for it, and I will not make that mistake again.

I can in tell you this though, several forum members have written me and said either Doug Goes or they go. And almost all of them said they will take there posts with them. And by my count if they do the forum will loose about 1500 posts. And here is the kicker, there is nothing the moderators can do to stop them if they do.

-Dan Sherman

this last post
from dan has made me think, i got a message from a very good friend. who shed some light on the topic. a view that i have to agree with. locking up the forum was a desparte act by the a mod. i have to agree with dan for what he did. just not how he did it. i was getting mad and acting out to. if we are going to improve this . how do we do this. with the forum locked up?. this is sort of like nazi germany in the 30’s. if those people take there posts. then they are less than i think. i talked to one member who also made the same statement. when i told him that his post are helping new sailors. he woke up and said he would leave them. even if we cant fix this. I will leave my post. just because they might help others. and that is why i joined. i like helping others. people have helped me. and i return the favour
if you want to shoot me go right ahead
long live the cup and cris dickson


Please give PEACE a chance! -

Don’t get paranoid! -

Don’t kill your neighbour, just because he didn’t control his FART! -
Of course, there is some bad smell - but it will fade away fast - I promise!!! -

And don’t be SOOOOOH serious! - Life is supposed to be fun - not an ongoing battle! - Laugh at the fart, laugh about the person maybe, who couldn’t control it - but DON’T kill him! -


Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 25 years of experience and a special interest in multhulls

<blockquote id=“quote”><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial, Helvetica” id=“quote”>quote:<hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”>Originally posted by Muzza

OK Dan, to make it crystal clear here’s my vote. I hope others too will cast a vote one way or the other.

Ban the member? Yes.
Block the posts? Yes - if you can, but if you can’t…
Delete the posts as they arise? Yes.

Review every post before allowing it on the Board - I don’t mind either way, as I trust all moderators to allow posts through that are in the spirit of the forum. Your decision either way in this regard would not alter my involvement - it would continue. My only concern is that it creates a lot more work for the hard working morderators.

Resign? Please no.

I hope the clarity helps - even if it’s just one small voice.

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I have to agree with Muzza on this one guys. [:-batman]

Block, delete, and ignore as much as possible…but DO NOT let him get under your skin! [B)]

Those of you who contribute your valuable knowledge to those of us who need it…please don’t go! Put on your flame proof suits [:-jump]if you have to but don’t let one sour apple ruin the cider.


Always choose the lesser of the two weevils!

When I logged in today, the forum settings where again different, and my password did not work. If it is a mod doing this would you please let the rest of us mods know. If a hacker is doing this, be warned, because charges will be filed against you.

-Dan Sherman

I agree with Jeff in that I would like to get both sides of the story. No offence to anyone here, especially the stalwarts of this forum who have made it what it is, I just think a little balance would be good.
I also feel, and I know this is WAY difficult at times, that you shouldn’t let Doug get under your skin.
Lets not lose sight of the fact that we are talking about toy boats. Not world politics or anything that is a major issue in our lives. This is supposed to be fun remember? Even if Doug writes the most mean spirited, vulgar email to you, cant you just delete it? I’m not trying to be flipant here, Im just saying that if he’s a clown thats his problem. Ignore him.
Say for example a new thread is started about say, um maybe the weather, and then someone posts about canting keel borne foil spinnaker multihulls (for example!) just ignore that particular post and go back to talking about the weather. Simple.
I know this is easy to say and harder to do, Ive taken the bait myself, but what else is there to do.
The sooner we stop talking about Doug and start talking boats again the better.
Thats my opinion anyway…

19 out of 7 people have trouble with statistics


Here are my points of views on the subject, and a little background on me. I have often been told that I have the personality of a person 2 or 3 times my age (I?m 24). I believe in an eye for an eye. I believe that if rules are brocken, then the offender should be subject to the penalties.

So when I here people say ?ignore it?, ?delete it? etc. I say, I will not ignore it and, I will not delete it, because if people followed the rules I should never have gotten it.

There are several instances of harassing or demeaning e-mails/posts. If nothing is done about this issue, then I will no longer be a member of this forum, because I will not participate in a community that has no rules or consequences.

-Dan Sherman

Okay. I understand and sympathise with your position.

But if you take out the emotion of it all and did just ignore/delete the emails, what do you think would happen?

19 out of 7 people have trouble with statistics