This is the latest e-mail I received From Mr. Lord, and as you can see Wis was also sent a copy. I had to block out a few letters just to make it acceptable for the forum. As you can see Mr. Lord initiated this e-mail, I have not sent an e-mail to Mr. Lord in several months. I can only assume that I received this e-mail because of a reply I posted under Matt?s ?Lame Forum? thread, because I received it within an hour or two of my post. And yes I know it?s from his private e-mail account, but neither I, nor any other member should receive, harassing e-mails because of posts they make here on the forum.

As you can also see, it also appears like he doesn?t like the fact that allot of the people on the forum are interested in scale sail. This is just how I read it though, you may read it differently.

So I ask you is this acceptable? Should I start sending you nasty e-mails every time you voice an opinion that I don?t like? Should I post and say your ?100% wrong?, ?Don?t know what you?re talking about?, ?a retro dude trying to keep new technologies down??

The answer to all those Questions is no. You should be free to voice your opinions. You should not receive nasty e-mails.

I know this is very inconvenient for many members, but given the current circumstances this was the only course of action the moderators had. And I know at least three of us moderators are considering resigning based on the outcome of this situation. Because I for one am tired of dealing with it, because it has been going on for months.

So I will say it again. if you are unhappy with the way the forum is now, blame me because I?m the one that did it, blame Doug Lord because he is the one that caused it, and e-mail/pm/post to Chad because he is the only one who is going to be able to fix it.

Had to make a small edit: Up loaded the un edited e-mail by accident.

-Daniel Sherman

dan the problem is
I am also getting agry people. contacting me. when you locked this up. you DID NOT tell me. I agree something has to be done, but you are not running this forum all by yourself. if you dont need me, then tell me what i am suposed to do. btw I am 39 and have been sailing since i was 5. i am getting real tired of all the bs floating around here. we have to talk dan. we as mods have to talk about fixing this. with all due respect to jeff. the court just does not work. somebody would have to act for doug like a lawyer) and i could defend him( i wont) but look around. for the last 2 days what have we talked about. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm let me see . could we answer cougars question? after all we are no approching 5 WEEKS. no we talk about one person. lets fix this. and get on with it.
long live the cup and cris dickson

Now my age and maturity level is called into question. As I have said before If a user breaks the rules they should be punished accordingly. I ask the forum members how many instances of harassing/ demeaning e-mails are needed, to prove Mr. Lord has not and will not follow the forum rules?

Cougar i had sent out a mass e-mail to all the other moderators and chad, but i’m guessing since you didn’t get it that it was lost along with my pass word that hasn’t worked in the last 2 days, as well as the fact that several forum options that allow us to moderate seem to be missing.

I still belive someone has hacked the forum.

-Dan Sherman

I know what Doug is doing is wrong and annoying and petty and just plain stupid. No question. I agree with you 100%. Its not right that he should get away with it either. It is simply wrong.
But, look at what is happening here.
We are talking about him rather than boats. He is winning. He keeps dangling the line and we keep biting. Thats what he wants. If he wants to send me abusive emails then fine. I dont care. Id just delete them like i delete the 100’s of other spam emails I get. I dont like getting these emails but I dont let it ruin my day. Its really not that big a deal.
Sometimes when you cant count on people to not annoy you, you have to count on yourself to not get annoyed (man I sound like my Dad here!)
By the way Im 31 so its not like Im THAT mature, (ask my girlfriend) and I honestly wouldn’t question your maturity nor your ability to moderate this forum. So why not be the bigger man, forget about Doug Lord and write him off as just another annoying crackpot?
BTW I think you guys are doing a good job and whether Doug goes or not Im planning on hanging around.


19 out of 7 people have trouble with statistics


I applaud you for stepping forward, and saying that you feel his actions are wrong. You are one of a small group of members that have done so.

With regards to talking about him rather than boats is exactly the point. I have been a member of this forum for going on six years now, and the issue relating to Doug break the rules has gone on as long as I can remember. He breaks a rule, Chad warns him about it, he behaves for a while, but then over time he goes back to his old ways.

I know at least three of us moderators, and countless members would like, to as my dad would say ?close this chapter once and for all?. When He was first banned the forum was the best I have seen it in years. The number of posts per day went up, as well as the number of people posting. Extremely knowledgeable members started posting again, such as Greg V and Lester etc. I can?t say definitively that they started posting again because they didn?t have to worry about Doug attacking them because there views differ from his, but I would like to think so.

I guess when you get right down to it. What I?m/mods are really doing is saying choose? Choose between the mods, or letting Doug run buckshot over the forum. Even if I blocked any kind of e-mails from Doug, I still have to deal with him. I have an e-mail in my inbox that was forwarded to me, where Doug sent a harassing e-mail using the forum to a member because he didn?t like what the member said.

And I agree with cougar 100% I would rather talk about boats then Doug. So hopefully since the forum is under lockdown Chad will be compelled to nip this issue in the bud once and for all.

-Dan Sherman

HOLY &?&"’(? I am still on vacation and my box/mail is full of DL crap. I did not have access to the internet…Me sailing all the way…You know Cowes week and some other thing.
I DID NOT read all the sh?" but why is the one still posting???
I thought it was clear…if he posts, delete his posts, Chad didnt reply to any of my (our) pms mails aso…I really hope he will be banned for real…ISP ban…best thing we can do for the forum and all of us…

Gyus…i am back to the Guinness and the pub…catch you later…



_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

A few simple facts, “Bullies” don’t go away if you ignore them. They take, and take and take until one day you look up and there is nothing left.

Don’t blame Dan Sherman for any inconviennce necessary in order to enforce the rules. Blame the person who is breaking the rules. Here in New York City, when the police check every truck going through tunnels for bombs, we don’t blame the police for the traffic slowdown, we understand that it is the threat from terrorists that is the cause of the problem.

Wis has it right. Doug was banned for good. That ban should stay in effect period. If anyone has any doubts look at Doug Lord’s offensive behavior over the last two weeks and how he has stopped this board in its tracks.

This has got to end!!!

<font face=“Courier New”></font id=“Courier New”><font size=“3”></font id=“size3”>I’ve been away from the site for a few weeks and am not really surprised by what I find on returning to it.One of the biggest causes of headaches is someone trying to lord it over others,(pun intended).Trying to deal with a problem like this though is like bashing your head against a brickwall[:-banghead]you get a headache but the wall,being thick,hard,inflexible and set in its ways never changes.Like the great wall of China it just goes on and on. The ONLY way to solve the problem is get rid of the wall.Trying to replace the odd brick or two might seem to make a difference, but its still a wall. Bring in the big machines (Sherman tanks??) and knock it down.
Then the rest of us can continue in our immature ways (I’m 61 - age has nothing to do with maturity and more importantly with wisdom) and enjoy each others knowledge,experience and humour.
So,my suggestion is,to the moderators…you have my full support.Do whatever is necessary to get rid of any member who considers themselves to be above the rules and more important than the rest of the community.
To mr lord,if you don’t feel able to comply with the rules and behave in a civilised,responsible and respectful manner [:-censored][:-censored][:-censored][:-censored]off. If your knowledge is so much greater than the rest of us and you consider yourself to be the font of all wisdom then start up your own web forum and leave us alone.


Experience is what identifies a mistake the next time I make it.

I sympathise with your position Dan Sherman. Your task is extremely difficult.

where are all the good topics about planking a hull etc. ?!?

If you use the search feature and enter “planking a hull” you will find at least seven or eight topics in which that wording is included.

Here is just one:,a,hull

Not exactly what you were specifically looking for - but you can also check the archives. If you have specific questions, you can try to post them and I am sure one or more readers will respond.

As with many others, I’m also fairly new to the sport of sailing and came here to glean information from those here that have the experience and wisdom that I lack. As with what many have said here, I feel that Mr Lord has shown that his time here is done. Is posting and personal contact info only privy to the membership, or do guests have access to some of these features as well. I subscribed as soon as I stumbled across this site. Also, has anyone that has received any of Mr Lord’s harrassing comments attempted to submit a complaint to his ISP to try to get it stopped there? Most ISP’s are beginning to take threats seriously these days (or I’d like to think so anyway). Just my two cents…


Don’t forget to have fun!!!