Country Profile?

Once again a plea! [:-disguise]
Will you <font color=“red”><font size=“2”>PLEASE </font id=“size2”></font id=“red”>list your country of residence in your profile.
It makes it so much easier to understand your point of view if we know where you are from.[:-magnify]

<font color=“red”><font size=“4”>Please Help Me</font id=“size4”></font id=“red”> [:-cry]
Some of you new guys have not yet listed your country. How about helping us, to help you.
Tell us where you are from. [:-banghead]
Do it NOW before it`s too late.

I am canadain. and proud of it
sorry if others are ashamed of the nation. BUT I AM CANADAIN
long live the cup

I am an Aussie,
We are just a bit higher than the canadians in our state of thinking. hmmm, maybe beer would have something to do with that though.
We still have the only America’s Cup yacht lost during a race! (AUS 35) eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh.
But at least this is what is said about the other oneAustralia (AUS 31):
Amongst all the competitors in the 1995 event it was widely believed that OneAustralia had more unrealized performance potential than all eight other defending and challenging syndicates

I just updated my country profile!

I had some spare time wait for the results of the Volvo Baltic Race Series last night (NZ time), so I looked in the members, now 316 of us.

Homeless 127
Australia 20
Austria 2
Belgium 2
Brazil 1
Canada 17
Chile 1
Czech Rep 1
Denmark 1
Finland 1
France 1
Germany 4
Italy 2
Japan 1
Netherlands 4
New Zealand 14
Phillippines 2
Poland 1
South Africa 2
Spain 2
Sweden 5
Thailand 2
Ukraine 1
United Kingdom 17
USA 85

Total 316

The New Zealand Goverment is looking at increasing the emigantation figures this year, so there could be a country for those 127 homeless yachties!!!

Also it makes me the highest posting kiwi with 103, just beating IanHB.

Edit 102 postings

[:-eyebrows] <font color=“red”><font size=“2”>John</font id=“size2”></font id=“red”>, Your next mission (should you choose to accept it)is to work out which country has the highest <font color=“blue”><font size=“2”>PER CAPITA </font id=“size2”></font id=“blue”>representation based on population? [:-graduate][:-headphones][:-hearts]

<font color=“teal”><font size=“2”>[b] Sorry all you homeless people dont count[/b]</font id="size2"></font id="teal">. Edit: Now neck & neck John.2nd edit:now just leading. Must have too much time or the workshop is just too damn cold to stay for too long. Do it NOW before its too late.

Hey we need more Ozzie’s to join or change there country to aus so that we can beat america!

I see said the blind man to the crippled nudist who put his hands & promtly walked away.

Don’t forget to visit some cool photo’s at

Ian I always like a challenge.

So here it is. The results are a bit out of date as there has been 8 new members.

Download Attachment: [ RCSailing Per Capita.txt]( Per Capita.txt)

Once again NZL shows its the best <font color=“red”>SAILING COUNTRY </font id=“red”>.

[:-devil]<font face=“Century Gothic”><font color=“red”><font size=“3”>Great Work John!</font id=“size3”></font id=“red”></font id=“Century Gothic”>[:-graduate]
As I suspected <font color=“blue”><font size=“3”>NZL</font id=“size3”></font id=“blue”> rules the waves in model size as well as people size.
A little hard to follow John perhaps you could explain?[:-jester][:-mohawk][:-sing]

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

I wonder what I should say…being only one [;)]


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

I have been reading somewhere, haven’t detirmined where though, that New Zealand is now part of Australia! so all of the ex-New Zealand people are Ozzies!

I see said the blind man to the crippled nudist who put his hands & promtly walked away.

Sweden is a small country far north, myself writing at 60 degrees north. Campare Auckland NZ at about 45 degrees south. At 60 degrees south perhaps Invercargill on the NZ South Island is close? I dontn’t know. Probably we end up close to the Antartic. Per Capita Sweden should be second, but taken its cold climate into account Sweden is a winner.

Come on yachtie2k4
All you ozzies are all the same, (ex english convicts). Now you want to take over NZ because we beat your Rugby team, Netball team, and also we were able to retain the America’s Cup once.
We don’t cheat to win it unlike the signwriter from Perth with his wings!!!


Auckland is only 37 south.
It cann’t be that bad up there, as I know a few Kiwi’s who have married Swedisd girls and shifted there, that with include my middle son, he gets married in Jan 2005 to a girl from Goteburg (note I left the n out)

Hey John,
at least we were the first to win it off the bloody yanks! & they were cheating as well, although it didnt help them much, they changed the weight of the keel.
And Ozzy James Spithill beat Russell Coutts at least 2 times this year.
& who cares about rugby & netball, I am all about sailing, & at the recent Youth Worlds, with 7 divisions, Hobie, Mistral Girls, Mistral Boys, Laser Girls, Laser Boys, 420 Girls, 420 Boys, our sailors beat yours in every division except for Mistral Girls & Laser Girls, Ohh damn, what a shame, we also won the 420 Boys & Girls, & came 2nd in the Laser boys, & came 3rd in the Nations trophy, with France coming 1st & Britain coming 2nd, what a shame, it seems to me that we are going a bit better than you guys in the Youth divisions, & probably a lot of other boats.

I see said the blind man to the crippled nudist who put his hands in his pockets & promtly walked away.

Hey yachtie2k4

“Don’t come the raw pawn with me mate”[%|:-)]
I wouldn’t blow your horn to loud.[:o)]

Using your figures
7 Class wins AUS
2 Class wins NZL

Now take the wins per capita, I get the following:
AUS 1 win per 2,844,734 people
NZL 1 win per 1,996,908 people[:-angel]

Sorry I couldn’t see any AUS in the 1st ten places of the 2004 World Optimist Champs, but there’s 2 NZL 2nd & 6th.[:-bonc01]

Russel who, last known to be Swiss!!!

guys are you OK???


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _


The ANZAC,s are A OK just trans tasmam baiting!!!

guys guys
you can say all you want about nations now. but remeber one thing. if it was not for ben lexen. you would not have the advances we have today. look at liberty , and freedom. both boats have a lot in common. now look at australia II. short fin with a very crude bulb . now we go to the iacc class. and we have a long fin and bulb. so ben lexen was a man beyond his time.
long live the cup

Optiboxes you mean RFLMAO, we have waaaaaaay better boats on the east coast, that go way faster. I heard Russell is trying to get away from the swiss, ahh i love to stir u kiwi’s up, & at least we didnt screw the america’s cup up with a dodgey boat & race against a catamaran!!!
yes wis, its all good, just a bit of trans tasman battles RFLMAO, hey John,who won the Sydney to Hobart on line honours? eh eh eh, a boat based at my yacht club YEAH, thats right, it was a Mornington boat, mmm, Skandia Wild Thing seems to ring a bell? eh eh eh. ohh and we own the Formula 18 World Cup now as well, thanks to Bundock & Ashby
Ohh, & who won the 2003 12ft Skiff Interdominians or what ever they are called? a Queensland boat!

I see said the blind man to the crippled nudist who put his hands in his pockets & promtly walked away.