Class C Cats and Footydom and something to Think About

For guys like you and me Nigel, I’ve posted a link to the Team Invictus site. There a bunch of pics of the Class C Cats in all their glory.

Here’s a teaser …


Why, you’re all asking is this relevent … it’s relevent because the Class C cats are a pure open dev class … the only rules are that they must have a beam no wider than 14 ft, be no longer than 25 ft loa and have a restricted Sail Area of 300 sqft which means that’s right … they are footies x’s 25!!

So, who’s going first … !? The RCYC boys have Patient Lady and the new Alpha here in Toronto; and the English, Aussies and Yanks are lined up with the most sophisticated fleet to date … cup goes off in September of this year at the Royal Can in Toronto … it WOULD be a kick to field a team of micro cats at the same time … C’mon guys, I’ll even throw in a motivator as feeble as it may be … if someone can make it work, I’ll underwrite a multi boat build and host an event right alongside the real deals … beer and burgers and the fastest class in the world included …


And hey … no blah blah blah about scalability and hydrodynamics and rufus numbers (oops reynolds numbers) … or that other multiple rudder business either … :slight_smile: :zbeer: :lol:

I’ll put my money on Steve Clark and the COGITO team. Simply based on past experience and knowledge gained.

I know Magnus and guys are working hard, but experiencedoes go a long way in this class - having come from the little brother 18 Square Meter class - same box development concept - just smaller and easier to afford to play. 18 feet LOA x 11-12 foot beam (actually unrestricted) x 194 sq. feet (18 sq. meters) of sail area and a single pilot. This class was an early test bed for many of the C Class boats solid wing (and flip-flop) ideas. Also was birthplace for designer/builders like Gino Morrelli of Melvin/Morrelli fame (Playstation cat is one of theirs - so is the WaterRat and A2 A Class designs).

I am hoping to make the pilgrimage out there this fall. I can bring a 1 Meter tri, and perhaps, if pushed the F-48 could be done and sailing - if I try hard enough :stuck_out_tongue: !

Coming from Minnesota, via Wisconsin, Illinois and lower Michigan if anyone might be interested in hitching a ride - let me know and I’ll see if there is room. Right now I have three (more or less) confirmed and three pending.

hi i was trying to find nigels post about mini multis but it might be on the other forum. i have sailed a mini40 cat which is currently residing on top of wardrobe, but fancy a go at a mini multi . Nigel said about 305mm length but what width does he fancy
footy GBR68 SQU

ya man, now i’ve been motivated.
i have a sponson shaped and is being glassed.
two cross beams are in the fairing stage.
it’s in between jobs, so the build has been slow, but i’ll turn things up now.

yes ok but what width overall and any other restrictions

i only wanted one rule personally…305mm length.
for beam, i’m gonna muck about with 9".
other than that, wide open.

thats fine by me . bit of long way for me to sail to but can ail in uk and be with you in spirit.
my sort of rules i scratch build so will see how it comes out. i did try to build a multi within current footy rules but did not work out

Your logic Dick is impeccable however I’d feel horribly disloyal should I agree outright … both Fred and Magnus have impeccable resumes in both the development realm (I14’s) and competition (Olympic campaigns) … Alpha has a more robust hull ready to go in the water and the match races this winter against Cogito should have provided the Canadian boys with some decent beta … it will be a race to remember no question sasked … and with luck the rennaisance of the class … T …

ps … lets keep in touch re your planned trip to TO … the venue is fabulous


… I’m JOKING !!!

Nigel and Alan … you may recall the early work I did on a blue sky multihull … it really doesn’t make sense to try and build a multihull within the footy box rule … if you are proposing an alternate rule (lets say for micro-multi’s) … perhaps it would be wisest to start an entirely new thread and make it very very clear that no one is proposing to alter the existing rule …

… if so, I’d love to try and build a boat (non-conforming) within a cubic foot 12 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches … if I knew someone else was up for the task at the same time, so much the better …


ps … please please please everybody … take no offence, I’m throwing this out here because its a logical first place … I have no intent to complicate anything, particularly the existing rules!!!

Canadian race site just up … great primer on the class history …

It’s instructive with regards to the wingmasts, wingsails and may give pause to any model builder hoping to adopt same at micro size … they are bloody complicated mechs

i am up for that 12 cubic inches. i think i feel a trimaran coming on i have been iching to build one

tmark, i agree.
my multi-muckings are not meant to conform to the footy-mono box.
apples and oranges don’t mix. (unless you have a blender and some rum).:devil3:

the inspiration was awesome tmark.

have been looking at bretts new unarigs designs.i built one to his original design and am now thinking mini trimaran with a pair of una rigs should be fun will keep you posted.

ps are we moving this to a new thread before we get accused of dissent in the ranks lol:D

maybe we should … something entitled – NON-CONFORMING footies – given that we’re hardly talking about a new class, maybe the more twitchy :slight_smile: readers may acquiese and allow the thread to stay under the footy title for the time being … any other thoughts on the cubed bit btw?

Hey folks,

I think it’s pretty clear your not talking about boats in the Footy Class. I like the idea of a 2nd 1 foot racing class though. If a cubic foot is enough space, you could call it the Cube Foot class. I’m excited to see what wonderful ideas emerge from this beginning. I may even try some of my own. (like I need another pile of boat parts in my house :rolleyes: )

Good luck

I agree. Perhaps the simplest thing would be to move the discussion to the Multihull section. Perhaps the class could be called MultiFooty???

Feet Class?? Feety Class??

square foot or nigels original suggestion
cat = footyx2= PAWS

i’m liking the “feety” name, as well as the 12"x12" box.
a little wide fer a cat, but made so a tri could fit too.
i’m thinking as far as names go, it must also reflect tri’s.
could ya’ll imagine a 12" Groupma tri? ya man.
any imputs?

just glassed the other side of the sponson plug. should be ready for mud tomorrow. cross beam plugs are rough faired as well.