Class C Cats and Footydom and something to Think About

geez mate, you’re moving fast!

How about calling them “Cube Rule Footies” or "Open CFR (Cubic Foot Rule) … that way nothing is implied re number of hulls … make it totally open so anyone who has ever wanted to push the envelope can do so within the new cube and without having to piss everybody else off with legalistic mutterings …

I’m going to nominate another name or so and list what has been pitched … apologies if I’ve missed something … once its settled then let’s move it out of the Footy forum — anyone want to pitch the idea at rcgroups …

[li]Cubic 30s (cms)
[/li][li]Open 305’s (mms)
[/li][li]Cube Rule Footies
[/li][li]Triple 305s (mm’s)
[/li][li]Cube Foot
[/li][li]Open CFR (Cubic Foot Rule)

My vote is for Open 305, or Cubic 30 by the way …

i quite like open 305,s my trimaran is cut out bits of paper on floor at moment and i am going to search my scrape box for some bulkhead material. i have resurrected my plan from when i tried to build a cat to fit into the current footy box. it will now be a cubic tri instead. unfortunately am short of wood at moment and it is a holiday weekend here so model shop not open tomorrow.

I don’t know about anyone else on the committee, but I would certanly welcome it if the new class were to act in some way as a sub-class within the existing Footy class. I think that most people recognise that multihulls and monohulls do not mix well on the same race course. However, the disciplines imposed by the Footy - weight consciousness, simplicity, precision of manufacture, etc - are equally aplicable to a class of very small multihulls and it would be a pity if that knowhow were split.

The Footy Class is a recognised national class in the USA and UK and is also beginning to have a reasonably efficient international class organisation. These things take a surprising amount of work to build up. Obviously if you went your own way, we would be delighted to give you any expedrience that seemed worthwhile, but it might be much more profitable to share the organisation.

Angus, I like your idea, and speaking only for myself I’d welcome the opportunity to broaden the envelope to include multi-hulls within an affiliated cube rule … I’m very very gun shy however and to mix metaphors, loathe to touch it, even with a 10 ft pole … (hell, I’m not even a registered member of the Canadian class … ) :scared: …

seems to me the logical thing is to see what the interest is, and what the existing class thinks of it, and let things evolve for a bit … that’s my 2 cents …

Sure - that was intended more by way of an offer han as a take-over bid!

So how about 12 cubed, with a small 3 (cubed power) following the number 12? I don’t know how to type it here, but you know what I’m getting at. Simple - graphic - and to the point.


Just kidding, I know what you mean.:stuck_out_tongue: A Foot with a superscript 3 would look good too. I’ll let the first few builders and and rule writers figure out the name and logo. I’m going to sit back and watch his one for the most part.

Seems to me that a quite long…more than 400mm quasi monohull would do rather well in this class.
Want to stop that happening?? reduce the depth of the box to 6 inches…then the monohull in disquise can’t get enough righting momment.

I wonder who will get to 5 min on the internet course first? this class or the Footy class?

Call me a stirrer, but, I want to show you a concept drawing by our old mate Doug Lord that I found somewhere recently and took a liking too.

I think this has potentual and may ask him for permission to develop it.

How about attaching the rig to the ring carrying the keel bulb so that as the rig heals the bulb cants to windward?..Hmmmmmmm

Been there done that.

12 inch tri…keep a rescue boat handy

tell us more about yer tri.