Central European IACC 120 Regatta ?

With the number of IACC 120’s being built I would like to test the level of people who would be interested in attending a Americas Cup regatta in Central Europe ?

For the first time it would be a completely open event for anyone having an Americas Cup boat of any size, design or vintage. Even if you don’t have a boat but maybe thinking about building an RC Americas Cup boat, would you be interested in getting together with others having the same interest and looking at how other did it & sharing ideas? :slight_smile:

I will have at least one or two extra IACC 120’s for people to sail & would be quite happy to organise friendly racing schedule (with basic sailing rules) for a 1 or 2 day event and maybe an evening get together at local pub or something along those lines :smiley:

Just quick reply with a YES and which country you are from and your preference on which time of the year would best suit you, then I can see how numbers stake out, and gauge if it something we can move forward with and enjoy the passion that we share of sailing America Cup boats together? :wink:

Cheers Alan

Hi Alan,

Yes from Valencia, just hope I can get the time off…


YES! A positive acknowledgement from Zwolle in the Netherlands!:cool:
The most suitable period for me will be the late summer (so, as of late August till September)
I’m out of the country for a while in October (about 6 months)
Great initiative!:zbeer:


Hi Alan

I’m also game. From Denmark.

I hope to be reday from may and foreward… Will bring two boats, and maybe a skipper for the second boat, otherwise it will be available for someone without a boat.


Good start with 6 boats

2 x AC 120 - K1w1 (Germany)
1 x AC 120 - Astutue Composites (Valencia)
1 x AC 120 - MartinL (Netherlands)
2 x AC 120 - Anders (Demark)

6 AC 120

Others posssible interests…and any one else, please let us know ?

1 x AC 120 - Zaphod (Sweden)
1 x AC 120 - Marcel (Switerland)
1 x AC 120 - Paulin (France)
1 x AC 100 - Nitro (France)

This would be fleet of between 6-10 boats :smilebig: great this is better than AC 34 entry list so far !! :lol:

Will now look for some optional central locations and propose some dates for mid to late summer.

Yes, count on me !
There are beautyful and big lakes in Switzerland ( Genova, Interlaken…) A bit far from Sweden or Denmark, but central from Spain, Germany, France, Netherland, even Italy…
Summer would be great at week-end…


Cool Paulin :cool: great to have your interest, I will look up lakes suggested and try and plot a centralised place …or we could think about planning 1 event in each country, year-on-year rotation …then everyone gets there fair share of travel :rolleyes:

But then again, lets get first event underway and we can talk about it over a beer …

Cheers Alan :zbeer:

Hi Everyone,

The idea of forming a Central European AC 120 group has not been forgotten, just been on hold as boats are being built around Central Europe. We possibly have a few more interested potential AC skippers from Germany and are beginning to plan on taking to take a small group to Ravenna in Italy to get a feel for IAAC 120’s. There as a group we can discuss how we can develop AC 120 for Central European skippers over Pizza and a few beers :zbeer:

Tentative dates pencilled in by Italian Group for Italian IACC 120 Championship are:

13 -14 July
14-15 September
28-29 September

Once a date has been finally confirmed we will let you know. Anyone interested in further joining us is more than welcome, please register or confirm your interest here and we will keep you informed.

K1w120 (Germany) - In
Grigoris (Germany) – In
Landlord (Germany) ?
Astutue Composites (Valencia) ?
MartinL (Netherlands) ?
Anders (Demark) ?
Zaphod (Sweden) ?
Marcel (Switzerland) ?
Paulin (France) ?
Nitro (France) ?
Others … ?

I have one of my boats is reserved for Munich skipper and one other is available for anyone interested in joining us for a fun long weekend sailing the exciting AC 120’s.

Cheers Alan


Personally the dates in September would be best for me. But I’m not sure I will be able to participate. I am expanding the family at the end of may. We are not talking about another boat, but a real baby, with diapers and all that “shit”, so it kind’a depends on how it is going with the new little sailor.


Hi Anders, Just waiting for confirmation dates … hey and best wishes for the new “Food Processor” :smiley:

Cheers Alan

hi Alan,

Since my next project will be NZL-92, than I am fairly interested in joining the group. The July termins would suit me the best :slight_smile:

Lukasz Koch

Very Good Idea Alan !
Here the CE -map where everyone can mark his position.
IMO Geneva is very centralized and since Bertarelli has shown recently some interest about AC120, it may be possible that his Club could accept to organize the CE-AC120 Event !


The Ravenna’s sailing club announced the I A C C 120 Italian Cup 2013 date:
14 and 15 September 2013.
We would be very happy to sail with the new european skippers!
For every other information regard the event (accomodation, rules, etc.) I think that you can ask to Alan, He is very experienced :slight_smile:

Best regards


Now that would be really cool :bouncy:… AC 120 competition at Société Nautique de Genève, need to call on Deano to come and skipper ETNZ NZL-92 …then again this would mean the following year a long trip for the Euro AC 120 skippers to travel down to ETNZ base in the Viaduct, Auckland to win back their cup back :wink:

Matt thanks for Ravenna date confirmation: 14 – 15th September 2013.

Lukasz good news about joining us, that makes for 3 x ETNZ’s going to be there (look out Alinghi) update on numbers so far :

K1w120 (Germany) - In
Grigoris (Germany) – In
Lukasz (Poland) – In
Anders (Denmark) – In (depending on diaper shift schedule)
MartinL (Netherlands) ?
Landlord (Germany) Out
Astutue Composites (Valencia) ?
Zaphod (Sweden) ?
Marcel (Switzerland) ?
Paulin (France) ?
Nitro (France) ?
Others … ?

There could be friendly get together of Central Euro AC 120 skippers & boats end of March … stay tuned for next update !

Cheers Alan

Very encouraging all that !
Be possible to put ‘Dots’ on the Map ?

here is my location :slight_smile:

Lukasz Koch

PS I have no idea how to post such a large picture. Claudio, I hope you don’t mind I “stole” your map

Well done Lukasz

Maybe use Google Earth and share it as a KMZ file?


There is some similar technical interruptions to my sailing programme this year, also moving house, job and country just about fill the rest of the schedule.

I am still building a few bits and pieces here and there…


Maybe will be next IACC120 model from Poland.