Central European IACC 120 Regatta ?

Good news Grzegorz …is that a short keel Alinghi ? looks really nice & look forward sailing with you :cool:

Update on confirmations:

K1w120 (Germany) - In
Grigoris (Germany) – In
Lukasz (Poland) – In
Grzegorz (Poland -In
Landlord (Germany) - In
Anders (Denmark) – In (depending on diaper shift schedule)

Makes for six AC 120’s from Central Europe …great start !!!

Astutue Composites (Valencia ?) - Country transfer
MartinL (Netherlands) ?
Zaphod (Sweden) ?
Marcel (Switzerland) ?
Paulin (France) ?
Nitro (France) ?
Others … ?

Still one spare AC 120 available if anyone else is interested, drop me PM or post here.

Cheers Alan

Hello Alan
Do you have any more news on the date and venue for the Central European IACC 120 Regatta?
I am very interested in the development of this class in Europe and would love to attend the regatta as an observer.

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the prod :slight_smile: unfortunately various members of our group got side tracked with personal commitments last month so the March meeting was abandoned, I will try and see if with can schedule everyone again for end of May or June.

In the mean time I will be in Munich within next few weeks and I will drop you a PM, I will take 3 or 4 AC 120’s with me and you can skip across the boarder for a sail with us.

Cheers Alan

Phil, check out your in box, I will be in Munich later this week ! Cheers Alan

Phil, check your PM, planning to be in Munich June 21-23rd for another workshop and will have 3 x AC 120’s with me for little racing, hope you can make it & anyone else that maybe interested ? is most welcome also !

Will be doing rounds again soon for availability of CE skippers to tray and get together !!!

Cheers Alan.

Hi, anything new in this respect?
It has become quite calm here. Is there still activity here, and is still anybody interested in a Regatta?

Here in Munich/Germany we are trying to start a new AC120 group, we “inherited” a couple of moulds from our tutor, i.e. k1w1-Al

Now we can use the wintertime to increase our fleat…

Kind regards, Jo

Hi Jo,

I suppose your group has been already in contact with the Hypocampe club in Cergy - France :



Mr P. Pecsi was my contact person some years ago for France of IACC120 that became the AC20 for the Hyppocampe Cergy Club

Their AC20 are based on the same plans but more details are added to the deck for better effect.

They Class Rules are probably simplified compared to the original as well for Racing Rules.

I do not know what is the actual situation there, but Hypocampe AC20 Group have organised various competitions at National level.

Probably you may get in contact, if not yet done, to see if they could accept to organize racing close to Paris with ‘non French’ Skippers.


Any news???

Hi Renato,
nice to see you here !
Alan left Germany and gone back to New Zealand.
No news about AC120 Central Europe meeting.
Last news from Alan received around Christmas. He was OK !