canting keels

ok i have been around yachts all my life but i have never seen a canting keel ,except for in photos,how do they work ?and is it the same mechanism in rc yachts?

hi aussie, where in aus are you first of all?
on big boats there are rams that push/pull a arm that is attached to the keel, depending on the boat, depends how many rams there are, skandia & Mari Cha IV both use 1, most of the others use 2 rams. on rc yachts, some use sail winches, usually RMG sail winches because they are apparently the best, those that use this system are manually canted. when i built my rc boat, i made it with a specially modified screw driver & some other stuff, mine automatically cants so that i can concentrate on having more fun and the fact that i am poor & it was cheaper to make it this way that to buy an RMG winch helped the decision. i haven’t got the boat where i am living at the moment because when i moved there wasn’t enough room in the car for it, so its still back at my parents house, but it will be coming up when they come up to see me. then i will have to make everything for it, rigs & sails included.

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This subject has been covered quite extensivly in previous posts.
I have included the link to the earlier posts.
It is a facinating and ongoing subject.
Good luck with it.
ps, Who is leading the Sydney - Hobart

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

nicorette is now leading, skandia has been abandoned after damage to the keel, the keel then broke off & the boat is now floating around in bass straight upside down waiting to be salvaged. apparently the ram & stuff to cant the keel was scaled down to save weight.

I see said the blind man to the crippled nudist who put his hands in his pockets & promptly walked away.

skandia’s canting keel breaks off, capsizes

skandia’s keel BREAKS OFF. and this is progress? i think i will stick with what works. a fixed fin.
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hmm I guess you still crawl then…and maybe you use cotton sails?


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hmmm…nope,i use kaizen and adhere to the K.I.S.S. Principle

oops…was for cougar, but anyway…
Even if its not yet prooved, canting keels or mast…could be a next step…yet waiting to see results though…the idea is nice.
Dont misunderstand me, i wont preach…i just like “high” tech things


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

domo aregato

domo arIgatou [;)]


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

Hey folks,

You know, my personal feeling is that the canting keel is a great innovation and that while it may be a long time (or never) before it makes it down to the OD classes that regular sailing folk can afford, I would just like to point out a few things.

First of all, nobody has to be the leader in taking a leap off the technological deep end and put one of these in their next boat. Its up to every individual to choose to experiment or not. Some prefer radical, leading-edge development, others prefer going with proven results. Now, with that in mind…

I do think that canting keels are a great technological advancement. The theory is sound: if you take the lead that’s already on the bottom of the boat and move it to the side, you get more righting moment. Moveable ballast is nothing new and its pros are proven.
The complicated part is in making the theory work. That has always been the complicated part in sailing. That’s why engineers exist. And chances are, those in my chosen academic field, mechanical engineers, will be heavily involved in making canting keels really safe and reliable. But, just because something isn’t ironed out and working perfectly from the very beginning doesn’t mean that it isn’t a break through. Look at the history of sailing:

How many mast’s have broken, snapped, bent, and otherwise failed in the name of advancement? How many sails? How many keels? How many rudders, blocks, and every other thing associated with the boat? Uffa Fox had a good idea with the planing hull on a sailboat, but he hadn’t perfected it. He tried it out and it was fast! Same thing with the canting keel. By no means perfect, but why do you think Neville Crichton is building a canting keel maxi to replace his water ballasted Alfa Romeo?

The canting keel is a significant innovation, and while it may not ever be useful for public consumption, it may prove as important for the maxis as the wing sail has been for the C-Class catamarans.

Anyhoo, that’s my opinion and I hold no grudge against someone who doesn’t agree. And for the record, I haven’t yet designed or built a canting keel model, nor do I intend to until I figure it out!

Have a Happy New Year…when it gets here!




_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

One canter breaks and they get condemmed, How many underbuilt fixed fin keels have broke in the past? Lets all go back to long keels, they never fell off!
How many of the early carbon masts broke? I know what I prefer modern masts made of and it ain’t metalic…

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Easy there Matt -

it isn’t that they don’t work, it’s that they still remain unproven technology. How many around the buoy boats are using them versus the long-distance-haulers?

Our r/c boat races are short legged, around the buoys. Many of the legs are upwind/downwind, and the while the “canters” work OK - reaching is where they shine. Same can be said for multihulls - very stable sideways - but we already know “their” issues as oft repeated by others.[:D]

The proponents of canting keels have to make them fool-proof, easy to use and reliable. THEN they “might” be accepted into the sailing fraternity. (then again … maybe not)

I was thinking more along the lines of big boats with that post Dick, not trying to get in the model argument again. Not going to open that can of worms for a while!

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check ! [;)]

Matt is right. Anyone remember “Drum”? Anyone remember the Melges 30s? There is nothing inherently safer about fixed keels than canting keels. Many fixed keels have fallen off and many more will fall off in the future.

As a newer technology, and given the level of competitive pressure that modern maxis are placing on material technology, this was bound to happen to someone. Hopefully this will serve as a wakeup call to the industry the same way Drum did for the around the world racers and OneAustralia did for the IACC rule.

The only full size “round the cans” One Design racer that I know of that is using this technology is the Schock 40. This boat handles very well around the buoys and the canting keel is a very easy technology to incorporate into inshore buoy racing. The next “round the cans” OD racer with canting keel technology will be the Melges 32: . I expect you will see some other OD boats in the next decade or so that adopt this technology. As far as one-off boats are concerned, there are now too many to count.

You all know where I stand on this technology for RC boats, so I, too, will not tread on that thin ice.

  • Will

Will Gorgen

Bachman 21 too, although its sbr rating and short waterline kills it here, hopefully I’ll blag a ride on it soon, its the designers own boat i think…

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