CAD question

hey guys, CAD question…

if any of you use freeship, do you just blow your footy designs up? [1"=1’] cause when i just do it with a 1"=1" scale the program can’t seem to calculate the displacement properly… it keeps coming up as .001 tons… [they can’t ALL displace the same thing!]

any thoughts?

It’s displaying the answer to the nearest 0.001 tons - i.e. the nearest 2 lb. If it will let you, specify dispacement in lb, not tons. That will probably fix it.

unfortunately it is very decided that it will not allow me to specify the unit it uses for disp. sigh… just gonna have to live with it, or buy a real CAD…:rolleyes:

The couple of times I used freeship I found it easiest to draw at 10x scale.
dispalcement is then 1/1000 .
You can get the correct answers simply by shifting the decimal point around.
Metric system…got a few advantages like that:)

Presumably it’s an American program intent on losing European components of spacecraft :diablo:

Seriously - why you people cannot go metric is completely beyond me! The equivalent problem in metric just involves moving decimal points.

guys i am with you… the metric is totally easier… the problem lies in the fact that if you go up to joe on the street and tell him that it is 20C out he looks at you crosseyed… [i don’t even try height/length… i might get lynched!] lol:lol:

oh, and unfortunatley angus, it states very clearlythat it is a british program… oops! no more space stations for you!

k, last question, if i was trying to go about getting a cad to print off the panels of a hard chined hull, in such a way that i could just trace them on balsa and slap them together how do i do that? [building soft-chine boats from waterlines the thing is great, but panels…]

Problen was that our bit WAS metric. Having said tht, the last cars to use British imperial thread sizes were Volvos and the Swedes talk about miles. Unfortunately 1 Swedish mile is 10 km, approx 6.25 ordinary ones. Be very careful with taxis and walking home from the pub!

i’ll keep that in mind…

Do. If ever you go sailing abroad (particularly cruising) the Stockholm Archipelago (Stockholms Skargarden) is the nearest place I have ever been to heaven.

Sorry -missed last serious point. The Vacanti Prolines system I use has an add on called Plates. That’s only USD 25, but first you have to buy Prolines.

Whatever Bill used to draw the Razor is said to do the trick.

I can’t get Freeship to make plates

me neither, but suposedly thats what bill did it with… maybe i’ll try the “freeship” forum tonight, and get backt to you guys with an answer!:graduate:

To develope plates in freeship you must tell program that your plate (layer) is developable. It is done in layer properties window. It works fine for me.

ah! the wise man speaks! thanks! [now i’ve gotta go try it!]

I am glad if I could help.

Very helpful - come again!

I tried it and it works. Thanx

k, that worked, now, how do i get multiple plates? [i know it has something to do with assigning faces to layers, but i a not sure how to do that… can somebody point me in the right direction, or toward a tutorial i could follow?:graduate: