Build log: Star 45

Hello all!
I am building my first radio controlled sailboat. My choose is STAR 45. Few photos of building the hull:

Gluing the keel :wink: :

I have just finished the hull :smiley: :

I wonder what material use to do the hull sheathing. I’m thinking about the birch plywood, but don’t know what thickness. Can you advise me?
I have one more question: Can I use braided fishing line for sail rigging?
BTW.: I have bought servos: HiTec HS-785HB for sail winch & HiTec HS-765HB for rudder.
Now I just have to choose RC transmitter & receiver.
Please, answer ASAP.
Thank you in advance :smiley:

looks nice. thats a lot of clothsepins… :slight_smile:

I would recommend using braiding fishing wire.… I use 60lb on all my boats. something like this…®-Sevalon®-Nylon-Coated-Wire/1104395,default,pd.html?gclid=CLTgh_zbhb0CFaVxOgodMQwAvw

the only down side is that you need to use crimping sleeves. not as easy as a knot, but a lot less stretch and IMO wire is more durable than the string braids. the string is finen for the sheets and such.

I woudl reccomend a ditigal TX. I like the spektrum DX6i, but the new chinese copy orange form hobby king is pretty new and delightfully cheap… I havenot tried it yet but I will likely get one as a backup…

Thank you for quick answer :smiley:
I know that the Spektrum transmitters are very good for sailing models, but I was wondering about the Graupner MX-10 HOTT 5ch 2,4GHz & GR-12 receiver. What do you think about it?

i don’t know anything about the gaupner…
here is the link to the orange unit…

Thank you :wink:
… but there is no warranty for Orange transmitter. Spektrum DX6i has got 1 year warranty. BTW. Do you know anything about the range of this transmitter from HobbyKing or original DX6i?

I’ve never had any control issues with the dx6i been able to sail as far as I can reliably see the boat and tell whats its doing… 100 yards easy…

mount the RX above the waterline…

for the price of the DX you could buy two oranges.

Electronics warranty have never been anything I generally worry about. but i will say that there are a lot of good comments on spektrum and their warranty service.

HI Marc, read your post on the orange, was tempted by one myself - how long have you been using them ?

I picked up the orange tx this winter. Nice radio easy to set up, great price. Got the RG , Vic ODOM and soling set up. Only sailed the RG so far this year. So far it is a winner for me.

i don’t have one yet. currently they are barck ordered in all warehouses. I have been happy with the spektrum. but sicne I sold my EC12 I let the radio go with the boat. so I have no “back up” I have never purchased a new spektrum. always got them used for around 100 bucks… but the orange looks like a great deal…

I have decided to use birch plywood for a hull sheathing. For bottom planking 0.8mm, for side & deck - 1.5mm. I have bought them already, and they will be deliver tomorrow.
Finally, the servos were delivered few minutes ago ;D

Do you know where can I buy pulleys like this ? Or this ?
I don’t mind if it wil be used or new. Thank you in advance :smiley:

I have decided to use birch plywood for a hull sheathing. For bottom planking 0.8mm, for side & deck - 1.5mm. I have bought them already, and they will be deliver tomorrow.
Finally, the servos were delivered few minutes ago ;D

Sailsect, out of the UK is one place
Capmaquets form france is another.
Pekabe on ebay is another
midwest model yachts

Thank you very much :smiley:

Can you explain me step by step how to do the glass layout? What grammage of fiberglass?

on my IOM I used 3 layers. one of 5-6 ounce, one layer of 1 ounce, and one layer of 1/2 ounce with no gelcoat over a male mold that hasbeen protected by packing tape or some other mold release product.

I would imagine that if you went with a gelcoat layer you could skip the layer of 1/2 ounce…

I want to cover the hull with fibreglass not make mold. I want to use fiberglass for reinforcement & better waterproof and I want it transparent.
Something like this:

Ah. that probably 1 oz or maybe two layers of 1/2 ounce. 1/2 ounce is very very fine. and will sand out very nice.

I would have opted to do do it in one piece. rather than a piece of glass for each panel. the 1/2 ounce glass is very flexible and very pliable and woudl easily make those hard corners.

Can I use woven roving (0.88 oz) instead of fiberglass?
And what resin shall I use?

I guess you could use any fabric you want…I’ve only used carbon and fiberglass

I use the west system of epoxies…

I have a problem with buying birch plywood for planking bottom hull (I need the plywood with lengthwise growth rings, but I can only buy with crosswise growth rings) :sad:
That’s why I decided to plank bottom hull with wooden strips (side & deck will be plank with plywood) but I don’t know what wood should I use. I want to glass all surfaces after planking. Like this:

This bottom hull is planked with spruce and mahogany, but I want to use only one type of wood.
I heard that wooden strips of spruce, fir & mahogany are very good for planking hull. What do you think? :confused: