Boat Names

Lookng for a little help/inspiration for a boat name. I am building a carbon USOM and was trying to think of a name. Thoought about going the route of current “big” boat names, such as Esmerelda (TP 52) or Genuine Risk ( But I also thought about trying something original but cant seem to think of anything. If anyone has any ideas or ways to help me think of one that would be great. TIA
Andrew Miller

what color is the boat?

I too am building a carbon US 1 Meter, I’m not going to paint it. I am nameing it Black Pearl.
Do you think thats a good name.
Don Miller

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Keep to the Code…

-Wis (aka Laurent)

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Color will depend on the name to a certain extent although there will be a portion of it that will be the raw carbon fiber as it comes from the mold b/c i think it looks soo cool. Nice boat Millertime, what design?

I named my boat TRANSOM because that was what was printed on the plans. I thought that was the name. [:-batman]

An innocent mistake for a NEWBEE to the hobby Larry :slight_smile:

If you think it can’t be done, Move over and let those who are doing it show you the way…

Might go down through the yacht yards in downtown Annapolis to get some ideas, maybe even steal one if it seems that appealing. I ave always wanted to go with a dark blue hull, but carbon looks so good so Im torn right now. We will see what happens. I do have some time to decide.
Andrew miller

If you are new to the game

“Whats the >>>>> happening”[}}:-|>>]

I’m always a fan of the transom painted “No Passing”

A sampling of names of boats I’ve built:

Still need a name for my current build though. Flat black 36/600 with a swing rig. It’s the second in the design evolution, so “The Deuce” comes to mind, but I’d like something a little less formulaic.

If it’s an all carbon boat, I’ve always liked the ring of “Dark Horse,” but maybe I’m just weird.

Come to think of it, there’s no maybe, but that’s a whole different story…


I think im going to end up painting it Navy Blue with a white water line stripeand maybe some red or gold in there somewhere. I have compiled a list of “big” boats names that would work.
Full Cry
Genuine Risk

“My Ideas”
Stealth (unpainted Carbon)

I think it’s a Chuck Black hull out of San Daigo. It was advertized as"Two Model Sail Boats, 1 Radio Control Kit, 1 Wood Hull.
the wooden hull is extra and appears to be hand made. The hull is covered on the bottom with masking tape." I took off the tape and was
surprised to find it was carbon fiber. I got both boats for $60.00.

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Sounds like you got a solid deal. I have been perusing ebay and what not havent found any deals like that, yet anyway. Im hoping this hull will turn out well enough that I will be satisfied with one boat. We will see what happens. BTW, the name is still up in the air.
Andrew Miller

Nice name that - -“Up in the Air”.
JayDee. [:D]

I think “Up in the Air” would be a good name, and you came up with it!!!
Don Miller

If It Don’t Float Add More Foam

No problem!, just do it!.
JayDee. [:-angel]

I seem to have got some names mixed up!!!
Never mind eh!
JayDee. [:-banghead]

I’ve just called my Roar Edge M the “Raw Prawn” (raw Shrimp) cause somehow it looks a bit like one??

I just decided on “antelope” for mine, after listening to the stan rogers recording of Barrett’s privateers. That, and it’s kind of a tall gangly looking boat, and isn’t it supposed to be fast?

In astronomical study, stars are often “named” by numerical rank of their brightness within a constellation. In ‘Pegasus’, the 51st brightest star was the first to have been shown to have a planet, a large dark body orbiting very fast (4 days for a full orbit!).

All this is to say - I am painting my USOM black and naming her
“51 Pegasus” - how’s that for unique ?..

Bruce Crichton
AMYA 14043
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