Australia II class

After a fair bit of hunting around and then a bit of time building this is one of the first hulls I’ve built from the moulds to the AusII class.

I’ll post some sailing pics next week

It looks great’. In fact very mysterious in tha grey livery. I hope you manage to put these boats out in the really good colours. There has to be room for them on the R/C sailing scene. And without denigrating any other class it will make a good exiting class to sail. I know the other one(Aussie 11) that is sailing in Sydney , goes fantastically. And I would recommend it to anyone who wants a traditional 12 meter type boat and a performer, to get one.

This particular boat would make an ideal open water boat, the likes that should be seen around Full- size yacht clubs and it is a scale boat to boot. keep up the good work Tony.


Well Tranth, The big question, Are you going to manufacture? I would be very proud to own an Aussie 11.

There is a need for a truly authentic 12 that has had some input in to its design by the full-size designer Ben Lexcon. That is a talking point all on its own and to actually have one , well it would be like no other.

The Funny thing about America’s Cup 12 metre boats is that the designer, while hoping to get the best out of their boats do/did have some doubts about them until they actually started racing. I know Benny Lexcon did with Aussie 11. Talking to him before he went to Rhode Island to race , he actually thought the sister boat, Challenge 12 was a better allround 12 metre of that present day configuration. He told me that if the Challenge 12 had the gear and sails that Aussie 11 had , that there would not have been much in it, between the boats.

I personally think the America’s cup that year in 83’ was about mental toughness and that the aussie finally came of age in mental toughness and belief in their own abilities. As Dennis Conner said and we in this country admired hiim for it was “he did his best”.


I will build hulls if people want them. Im not sure how the class will develop, or even if at all. I do know that these are a hell of a good boat.

I was sailing the test boat on the weekend with full main & genoa in 18 knots of wind and she was going really well.

Once the thing is tuned up a bit I will find either some of the existing Aussie IIs or one of the fast EC12s and go for a bit of a race and get some pics and maybe some video.

ATM I’m working on the web site so I’ll put some pics & video there as I get them.

Whilst all this is going on Im also building a new hull which I plan to paint gold and stick the numbers KA-15 on to!


G’day tranth, When you say “paint the hull gold” , do you mean paint on the hull or in the Gelcoat?

I don’t think you will have any trouble with this as a class. I have had quite a few people express interest in it already.

Are you going to price it for a new boat, deck and rudder? So you had yours out in 18 knots of wind. I imagine it was just about flying. I see that your boat has a well in it. Did this take water? And where do you put your hatch on the deck?

Hmmm. Might be tempting to build a KZ7 and take you on.

As Crew? Of heard of K9 but never KZ7

Just to Note that I took the liberty of splitting the thread to allow for discussion of 12 meters in general. Its in the Pub.

12 meters in general:

okay back on topic…

Some (pretty rough!) sailing pics of the A2 class. Its hard to be the helmsman, mainsail trimmer, grinder and photographer all at the same time!

I’ll get some help and some better pics next week.


Well Tranth, I saw your boat sail the other day with those large sails on. I thought your Aussie 11 to be marginally faster that the other Aussie 11 with the conventional EC12 rig and sails on. But your one seems to lacked directional control or not as much control as the other one. I think that over a Triangular race course that the benefits of your type on a large Genoa, may prove to be not that advantageous. Secondly, down wind it had a perchance of really lifting the transom and exposing the rudder. Not a good sign. And on the front of the boat , this amount of sail area depressed the bow of the boat to such an extent that the water line came almost to the bow.

Part of the nostalger of this boat is for it to appear as the real one did on the water. You may get a kick out of the boat as you have fitted it out (with the big Genoa) but it lacks a certain something in practice in this configuration and maybe because of the lack of beam up front in the actual model to extra sail area ratio.

Your boat was made very nicely and in the grey livery did look really good on the water. I had a chance to sail both boats and while I am not experienced with your Large Genoa arrangments , they are nicely thought out but still would be a handful in ‘round the bouys racing’ , especially doing a lot of tacking. All in all an interesting exercise.

I thought there was something funny about how you spelled “Ben Lexcen.” :nuts:

Does your model have a winged keel, or are you staying with the traditional 12M keel? From the video and the way it turns, I’d swear it was a 1metre straight away.

I once made a winged keel for a 1M boat, which weighed 12 Lbs.:spin:

Thought you all might like to see the most recent hull…

very nice .
it looks like you got very close to the actual boat. cant wait to see it in the water. how big is she?

Coug it is Approx 60" long.

If you go to you will get the full info on Nautic12, ahla Aussie 11.



Same as EC12… Its the same boat (out of the same mould at least) as the one in the video…


thought it was 2’’ longer,and slimer than the EC12 ??:shoot:

Rusty , I to looked at that previous post and thought he really wasn’t talking about Nautic 12 but about “That Class”.

Coug, I think he was saying the A11 was out of its own mould.

When you come to compare boats the A11 model is not anywhere near in looks or performance to That other boat. A11 will sell itself, anywhere. You know Coug, us colonials do get inspired with such a magnificence inspirational boat as the Australia11. It’s a lesson to us that we are not going to be pushed round by big brother. And I suppose you can relate to that Coug.


you dont get to be a canadian with out getting pushed around. the big thing is we dont push back. we shove. What you have to do, it read into the post. I too bug dan about his workshop. some people work like that. MY Dad builds airplanes and his workshop is spotless. i meen you can each off the floor. MINE. lol if you can find the floor. I would not eat off it. I try to keep it clean but just tooo many projects. dan put down ( basicly a blanket) . just read the post. US 2nd hand brits. have a chip on our shoulders. and some people like to take a poke at it. but you have to remember. the people poking at it. are only trying to make to make a piont.
your a2 looks good, and I wonder if it will compare with the victor kits. i never got a price on the nautical 12. i got the numbers on it. lenght ,beam, ect. I am still working on my ac20. will post pictures for all interested later
keep the faith cousin

try www.nautic

Rusty , your url is not quite right.