Angus in hospital

I received bad news yesterday. Russell Potts informed me that our friend Angus’ health has deteriorated and he’s in hospital for an undetermined period. I’m told that respiratory complications require that he be on oxygen.

The good news is that when all that is working well, he’s in his usual feisty spirits, so I thought it might be nice if he could see that we all wish him well. Please add to this thread, and maybe one of our UK members can print it out for him when they visit.

Get well soon, my friend…much as I hate to admit it, I miss your damn phone calls and preposterous statements on this forum. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Long Live Multihulls - as much as you don’t care for them … :stuck_out_tongue:

and Long Live Angus - get well soon! Looking to see you back in rare form at the earliest. :):slight_smile:

Dick Lemke

You get well real soon!!! We like you and need your expertise around. You have done so much for the Footy cause

Hey hope you get well soon and we well see you soon on the forums.


You know how much a yorkshireman needs a lancastrian Angus so you know how much I am hoping to see you back here and on my phone as soon as you are able. I know you know better but it is worth listenning to the doctors sometimes. Take care mate and we’ll talk soon.


Get well Angus and get back on line. I hardly know you, but this forum is already a little duller without you.


Oh my. Get well Angus.

I sort of wondered where you’d been hiding. Hang in there & get well soon. Remember, there’s a whole season of sailing coming up…;-).


Get well soon, Mr Footy.

Get well soon, Angus, and I’ll send you a “fabada” to speed your rehab.

I shall leave this thread to run a bit longer before I print it off and send it to Angus. I shan’t be visiting as I’m 250 miles away and I don’t know what others who are nearer may be doing.
At present I am trying to find out how far Angus had got in getting an organisation on the ground to carry out his ambitious plans for the Liverpool meeting. The answer seems to be not very far, so I am hoping to persuade the Birkenhead club (just across the Mersey from Liverpool) to pick it up and save the meeting. It may abe a couple of weeks before we know whether this will be possible. Meantime the meeting remains in the balance. I shall post on the Liverpool thread as soon as I have anything definite to report.


Angus my friend, i’m really sorry to hear about this… no fun. Get well soon and come back to us, the forums are a dark and frightening place without 'cha, and i am running out of people to debate with! We need you m8. (besides, as someone before me said, there is a whole new sailing season on its way, and there are a slew of American Muscle footys waiting to be trounced… :wink: )

We are all thinking about you. And if things get too unbearable… just give the call, and i’m sure there’ll be a group of us over to bust you out. :devil3:

Hey Angus - I know its against your nature but try to be a docile patient and follow the doctor’s instructions so you’ll be back with us soon.

Wishing you all the best and a full recovery - your friend - Niel

Get well, Angus; generations of Footys yet unborn need you :slight_smile:



All the best.

Footydom awaits your return.



Get well soon theres plenty of sailing ahead
your ideas and post about Footy`s are always
helpful and what make this class unique.
From a Canadien Footy racer

Angus - we encourage you to get well soon, much as you have encouraged us in the pursuit of footydom.

Walt H.

hey Angus. hope to see you back on form soon, your energy is already missed on the boards, Paul.

Angus, Wishing you all the best from “Middle Earth” :zbeer:

Ian Hull-Brown. :cool:

I contacted the phone company the other day as I was sure the phone was not operating properly(NO CALL FROM ANGUS) then I read you are in hospital. Hurry up and get well my friend–its sailing time. The Canadian group lifts a glass and wishes you a speedy recovery–Cheers Bill Shorney.:zbeer: