Americas cup gossip

You really are still a “Hoon” at heart, right? LOL. :lol:
That looks like a bit of fun but my serious question is, what do you use to cut up the bulb?
As some of the readers here will know from experience a lot of the traditional cutting tools just clog up when attacking lead. Best wishes from NZL. :cool:

You’re not far off… Before I was a Boatbuilder, I was a Mechanic/Diesel specialist and if its on wheels I drive it… fast!

When it comes to the cutting there is only one machine that is up to the task… A Chainsaw!

Hi all,

Still dusty from last night on the town…
It seems that the venue is just about to be decided, and the decision is between Italy or SF.
There could be an announcement in 2-3 weeks but most probably before Christmas…
No other venue is being considered and it all hangs on the deal the Italians put on the table, and if they can deliver on the promises included in that package.

FWIW , sounds like the city council of San Fran has approved the race format and is supporting Larry and his desire to bring the race back to the US.

My guess ---- unless Italy is willing to pay for the building of boats, hookers, beer and food for everyone, the venue will be San Francisco Bay along the wharfs for spectators and then later for community development. (high end town-homes or condos)

Only my opinion, I could be wrong.

Hi Dick,

Think more along the lines of tax breaks and infrastucture… Any foreigner was given a preferential tax of between 4%-15% for the 32nd & 33rd Cup. ( A Royal Decree signed by the King)
Cheap beer and food helped a lot as well I think!

Hmmmm - wonder if there is any room for an old, ex-multihull sailor on a team. I can stand on the street corner holding a sign -… “Will sail for beer!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Just heard a rumor that SF is not hosting the 34th AC… Waiting for more details…

Oh Yeah,
Guess which city they have asked to host it…?


Hmmm does it matter … they’re still running multi’s or have they come back to their senses and changed back to mono’s again too !?

The only thing that might make sense if they don’t want to sail “TOO FAST” might be a perfect boat like this. This would make “sense” to some in the leadbelly crowd, I would guess. Heck, with the sprit pole, one might even consider this a “sport boat” able to be a cruising boat… don’tcha think?

Now now… dick… that was too funny… i think they should go back to monohulls… for the simple reason… it aint broke … dont fix it…

and besides did anybody pay attention to the last race???

Absolutely - don’t be too surprised when they do change over again for the 35th… I have heard that too.

Cougar -

considering how many of the “major players” showed up to look over the Canadian C Class wing boat - it seems there were a lot watching. Everyone trying to learn something new in 20 seconds or less - yet solid wing technology goes back to late 1970’s or early 1980’s - so one must wonder why the case of so many heads-in-the-sand for so long? Heck - we even had one show up in 1983 for our 18 Square Meter North American Championships from California.

Perhaps monohulls will come back (eventually) but I’m not too sure if it will be that quickly, especially if the French team(s) get their heads in the game and teach the rest of us all about multihull design, sailing and racing. I think the U.S. continues to play “catch-up” and it is a result (partially) of the “blue-blazer” crowd to recognize the designs and the speeds. Considering how many multihull sailors there are around the world, and the Olympic Committee removes one of the best and most well know classes (Tornado - for those not paying attention) and inserting/leaving multiple lead keel classes is simply a sign of how out-of-touch some of the supposed leaders of the sport really are.

Now that foiling moths and board kite sailors classes are growing, I suppose it will take 10-15 years for those ideas and technology to be accepted in the mainstream of sailing. Sigh …

]Speaking of Foilers and kites, what boat do you think would be faster around a Windward-Leeward course, a 49er, foiling Moth or kiteboard?

Some may be surprised.

wow… i did not know we realy looked into mutli hull dick( canada that is) but i would not worry about us… after all i just finished a book on the canada 1 challenge… and i got real ticked at it. ( we had no chance of winning the cup)
we shot ourselves. at every turn… so with us looking at a tri? no doubt we will screw it up… can you tell if steve killing is doing anything with the class?
i know killing was great with mono hulls

Interesting, but not representative, in my opinion, under sporting point of view. The kite it is not a sailing boat. Probably with a longer 10miles race, the results could be reversed.
Instead, under pure tecnical point of view, it is obvious that the kite has less wetted surface, is lighter, only one man without a boat, and among others, a larger sail area and a better and stable wind 10yards above water!


See BOR RC 44 boat name ??? … says it all :lol:

Cougar -

Toronto club successfully defended the C Class Championship trophy this year on the east coast. Formerly known as the “Little America’s Cup” event. The Canadian boat won and then defended at second championship (albeit US boat crashed) but there were so many of the “ultra elite” there trying to quickly find out how to build/sail a solid wing that it was somewhat humorous. To their credit, the guys from Toronto (Magnus & Fredo) as well as other competitors were very open and provided lots of answers to questions. This in itself was a refreshing change from all the “secrecy” of the past Cup events in monohulls - and gives a good impression why I would rather hang with multihull sailors than those sailing a monohull in most cases.

As a multihull sailor, we enjoy sharing ideas, technology and information - simply to improve the overall lot of sailing on 2 or 3 hulls. Better competition means better competition. I don’t recall any big multihull national or world events where the legal “Bulls**t” takes place like it does/did over the past few Cup events. Sorry - but if that is what is connected to the monohull events, then I for one will be most happy to see the event remain in multihull format. But keeping in mind the “A-holes” who participate - I am guessing even a multihull event will eventually be in the toilet!

Considering the concept of a “Corinthian Sport” - I turn my back on antics such as what went on in the past. Both of the two recent Cup players are simply wanna-bes to see who has the biggest P-P’s - and unfortunately they may take their ego crap into the multihull arena. Too bad if they do.


It can be argued and probably the discussion would degenerate very quickly.

In anny case, the kite boards speed records are recognized by the “world sailing speed record council” (the body authorized by the International Sailing Federation to homolgate speed records of sailing crafts (boats or sailboards) on water (not on ice or land). So technically they may not be sailboats, but are officially considered sailboats …:wink:

BTW, they broke (kiteboard) the 100 km/h (on the short distance) and are faster than Hydroptère (btw tecnicaly Hydroptère speed record was set on the same short distance, 500m, they also have the mile record, but it’s slightly slower ) … at least on the short distance …

I seem to remember the last Cup being multihull and also spending most of it’s time in court. They’ve already been in the toilet. Multihull isn’t some magical trait that makes it’s skippers or regattas pure by its mere presence.

I’d rather see monohulls racing. I just enjoy them more. I doubt I’ll see them in the next Cup so I’m left hoping the racing is close. The last Cup was a sleeper.