AC 20 question

A quick question from a novice, who is getting back into the RC sailing game after a very long lay off. I am curious about the AC 20 class, I assume it is a smaller version of the AC 12? Are plans floating around? Educate the ignorant.


Brett K

o who had already dont brett
the ac20 is a class that was started by accident. and I should tell you , It is not a recoginzed class. we have been working on a set of rules. I built my ac20 using a set of drawings i found off the web, and then working though a cad progam i got my self working drawing for nzl 60. while i was doing this i found chicco who had already done this for prada. ita 45. we started to talk and foud out that both our boats were 1/20 scale( minor chages) hence the name ac20 . chicco boat uses a longer keel than i do. I use a IOM fin and bulb. but that is about it. if you want plans or you want information. just ask. i have 4 sets of drawings. all i ask is that you get me a picture of what you are building so i can post. the class is growing fast over in eupore. boats being built in germany and france. I know we have more than 30 in the water right now. so far I am the only one in north america to have one. in the water
hope this help

Thanks Cougar,

I would definitely be interested in knowing what plans you have. It sounds like fun to get in on the ground floor, plus it would allow me to make the mistakes I am so likely to make without a large crowd to contend with.

thanks again,

Brett K.

email me. i have 3 boats for sure on this machine. glad to give you what i have

Hey Coug,

if you come up with Oracle let me know,

hehehe… my partner was printing the plans… and screwed up and went the wrong way… now I have Alinghi in 1/10th scale. Guess I will have to build it eh???

if you need someone to test :wink:

Can I be of any help?

yes you have to build it. just do it on the 1/20 scale. :propeller those bigger boats are tough to hual around. but it would be nice to see. i also have alhingi. but in the 1/20 size. where did you get your drawings?
as for oracle. been surfing and have not even found a sniff. although i did come across america one. on a german site. i did not find much information to do drawings. but some others might be able to do stuff.
Dick. anything you wanna do . do it. all the help to get this thing going would be nice. nobody over here seems to think this is worth while. over in france they have a club building them. and i still talk with andreas. the guy doug scared off. and they have 7 boats in the water. i am still trying to get him to come back and talk. even post pictures
our guess is we have close to 30 iacc20 boats in the water right now
anybody come across oracle. i would even like to look at that
maybe even dan too?

I would love to build one of these boats - but sadly there is a waiting list. I’ve already commited to building a Mistral, or an ODOM kit to race with my local club, then a couple of Wee Nips for my sons, my second IOM, and a vintage Marblehead (been wanting to do that for ages). That alone will keep me busy for the next couple of years.

Then there is the wish list, one of these AC20s, maybe a multi, the RC landyachts and iceboats look tempting, and a large semi-scale 12 meter would be great. I still would love to build a KZ7 in the style of Tranth’s Australia 2.

Oh dear - decisions, decisions.

Dick, Cougar, and or anyone else… that comes up with plans I am most interested… Dick if you have access to Oracle, I would love to get a copy/file…

We printed out Alinghi at 1/10th scale to see how much fun it would be… heheheh have no fear Cougar, even at 1/10 scale it still comes in 5.5" LESS than Ranger and Endeavour… speaking of which… I will be sailing Endeavour tomorrow at the annual Earth Day festivities… if you want to see a real traffic jam of boats… I am hauling 11 out there in the mobile marina. Sad to say all my good boats get sold and go away… I have all the left overs !

Also, for the first time on the planet in a LONG time… there will be a clean sweep from the old Vortex works… a Soling M, Santa Barbara, and V-60 setting up right next to each other.

Fear not about the AC-20… I am getting to it… it has been a long road… but I am getting there. Once we get the Soling M approved, and I catch up on the back log… I will be ready to start the plug work on the AC-20’s. It will actually be a good precursor to the new AC class boats. Since the rules are opened up now, and genoas are encouraged in the new rules, they are going to get a real boost from all the improvements. Even at 1/12 scale, they are still good sized models and will take a lot of prep… so getting it right at 1/20th first will be a natural lead in for the project.


oracle here to please
pretty please
with sugar on it
i will mow you lawn the next time i am near you
i wil even let you beat me on the water
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Darn - can’t get the old design - only the new one USA #87 -

Oh well - sorry guys, I tried !

:yell: :dunce:

Seriously, I have a request out to Product Development Company (PTC) as they were instrumental in the new design. I’m guessing I will be turned down, but you never can tell. I asked for 1/10 scale (you’ll have to do your own enlarge/reduce) of the station templates. Deck, keel, etc. are going to have to come from photos - but I “AM” trying…

hmnmmmmmmmmmm usa 87?
you can get that?
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sugar and everything

I would have to say that your chances of getting anything from anybody involved in the Oracle BMW syndicate - even the 2003 generation designs - would be somewhat less than zero.

The real fun, and education, would be in learning as much as we can from photographs, observations and comments, and then trying to come up with a full sized design which not only looks like the boat we are trying to replicate, but also rates correctly (or as near as damn it with all our estimates and assumptions) under the IACC rule. If we can make our full-sized design rate in theory, then it would help prove that our analysis, while probably not 100% accurate as a copy, is at least plausible. This is after all a valid technique used in the design world in general.

We could then scale down the resulting design to 1:20, make our adjustments as necessary for RC sailing purposes (alter sail plan, increase keel fin area etc), and voila, a 1:20 IACC boat which would look very much like the real thing.

It could be fun as a team, web-based project. Who’s in?

Some German are doing a community project,

Under ACC Projekt…sure its German…but no need words when you see pics.

Those are good links Laurent. Thanks.

Some of their other threads are pretty interesting too. I’ve bookmarked the forum and will keep an eye on it.

the guy “in-charge” is Eric Lhoir…if you want his email, PM me.

Hey Dick,

if you can get US 87 I would be very happy to have those plans. Tell me what to do.


hey larry
get in line. i put my begging in first. if dick can get them . i get first crack. lol
but then again . i would like to see a stubby version of the iacc rule
by the way. those blueprints looks awesome can wait to see it in the water

I have “hit up” a PR lady who was part of 20-03 design group. Pointed out what we want to do and with what - and am waiting for some kind (any kind) of response. As noted by Muzza - may be a futile effort !

On the other hand, if 2003 lines are available, perhaps they might consider allowing us to use them. As fo #87 - I was pulling your leg. Until the Cup is over, or they get eliminated, I doubt there will be “ANY” sharing of design lines.