30 foot IOM ??????

Check it out.

Peter R.

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Not the type of sports boat I would wqnt has to much lead and for the amount it has it leans over a lot.

The boats that i sail on is 6.5metres and only weights 315kg all up sailing plus crew we can bet boats over 35feet even holding them up wind and we are only hiking.

Will do 25knts plus down wind we can sit on a good 18-20knts for long periods she is a pretty cool little boat. Check out at.



Oh and it onlys costs about $20,000nz to put in the water thats about $12,000US.

Yeah, but I doubt you’re boat would have the JS upwind, they are sposed to be dan near untouchable. Sportsboats really do rule, was sailling a J-80 this weekend, not much wind but still fun. Big difference between IOM and JS9000; No huge kite!

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Interestingly, when you scale it down the JS would weigh 3.12 pounds(w/ 2 crew) which is considerably lighter than an IOM-to be expected. But, surprisingly, the scale JS sail area comes out at 538sq.in. considerably less than the IOM “A” rig which is close to 1000sq. in.
And draft comes out at 8.85 inches for the scale JS(vs around 14" for the IOM). All in all pretty fascinating!

Doug Lord
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Lighter displacement, smaller SA, same waterline length, less beam? would it work though? Not likely methinks…

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but it does? i am intrested enough to find out more?
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hmmmmmmmmmmm maybe an IACC stye boat in the 12 foot range?

I wouldn’t say that because we can wind out a Thompson 30 on the wind. and smoke it down wind so we are faster all round than a boat 8feet longer. How do the J9000 go against the Thompson 30’s in the US does anyone know.

Cheers Gappy

another sportboat http://www.streamline-info.com/index_en.htm

Seems like there are different defintions of sportsboat here, In the Uk (and the US too?) sports boats don’t usually have traps or wings. The are meant to do hullspeed upwind and plane like hell offwind, with aid of a huge kite. Boats like Melges 24’s, Hunter 707’s Bull 7000’s, J-80’s, Cork 1720’s, Laser SB3’s etc etc. I dont think there is much in the way of keelboats with traps over here. Your boat would probally have the JS looking at it, but they are totally different animals. Your not supposed to even hike with the JS.

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Well we would still fit into as we only hike or sit on the side. There are boats in our sports boat fleet that do have racks and wires and we can still beat them and they are up a metre longer. Which shows why the need for complicated racks and wires to go faster when we can bet them around a track in any conditions it is all just extra weight in the racks and a taller rig which is more weight and more sail area so the saisl weight more and you need more lead to meet the self righting rule. Our boat is very simple and light and does not have hughe up wind sail area. But our rig only weights in at 15kgs with everything on it ready to go in the boat.

You may have seen on the front page of the website an orange boat with wires on it which is the same hull as ours but with an alloy rig and taller but only goes as fast as us so what for. We are the white boat in the gallery with Manic on the side.

any way cheers


How about this:

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

Must be a Doug Lord page.
Has the same statement.


Damn Peter; give 'em a break!

Doug Lord
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I think this is the type of sportsboat Gappy was talking about been sailed in NZ.

Its from an article in Mays issue of the “Boating New Zealand” Story by Mike Cahill, photos by Mike Hunter.

I hope I don’t get shot for copying part of the article!!!

Download Attachment: Sporstboat1.JPG

Download Attachment: Sportsboat2.JPG

Download Attachment: Sportsboat3.JPG

Ah, John: are you saying an American from the US of A(“up here”) has designed New Zealands top sportboat?

Doug Lord
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bah give me an 18 footer any day of the week over one of them twice the fun and arounf a third of the cost and about the same dampness around the crouch

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I must say I’m missing the point too. Why not cut the bulb off, widen the racks and call it a skiff…?

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Probably the only reason it has any lead on it at all is to allow it to enter ocean races. I am guessing they don’t let skiffs enter the Sydney-Hobart race whereas with a few hundred pounds of lead on the belly, you are in!

  • Will

Will Gorgen

I doubt many sports boats would enter the sydney to hobart race because theyre mainly designed for short races

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