2-metre trimaran build

Hi multihull friends,

after building many small 65M tris and cats and several mini40 tris this year I decided to start a build for a 2 metre class trimaran as a winter project.
It will look alike the Banque Populaire V.
I’m thinking about building in foam, like I did on my Nightmare MKVIII and the RT65 prototypes, or building male plugs and do the shells from them.
I hope there are multihullers out there who join the build so we can share our thoughts.
Attached is the first rendering of the planned boat.


Good luck. I decided for my first ever build to do a 65M and an very nervous.

Good luck with your 65M. Do you build the 65M from scratch or do you use plans to build?

I pulled plans on the net. I think it was an ARMAGEDDON. However watching the BOR 90 today on the web put up the wing I am now thinking of going back to the NIGHTMARE F48.

Both designs work well, in the end it is q question of space and time to build. A scratch built 65M like the Armageddon can be done in 2 weeks, a F48 like the Nightmare MKVIII needs about two month time.

Here is a picture comparing the sizes:

If you don’t have restrictions in space and building time you can join the 2-metre build here, I’m working on the shadows for the floats in the moment.

If you have never sailed a multihull before it would be wise to build a Ragnarok 65M first to get a feeling for multis. Thr RT65 is a very stable and well sailing design. The plans for the ‘Ragnarok’ are here.


Here are the shadows for the floats :smiley:

Hi Siri, looks like an interesting project and it’s certainly nice to see some interest in the larger boats. I look forward to following your build - Winter is really digging in here so short cold days coupled with high work place demands have put my catamaran build essentially on hold.

One question - I assume you’ll look to sell this boat via your website alnog with your mini40 and '65 but isn’t shipping for such large mouldings going to be problematic outside of your immediate locality?



Hi Ray,
the 2-metre will be a one off, just my private toy. I have no intention to sell these large boats. It is not much a problem to ship, but shipping this size will only work with air cargo and would cost more than a complete MKVIII hull set including shipping for one hull set to overseas.
I make the drawings available here and anyone interested in building one can join this building thread.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010 for You !
Please, waiting next chapter : Main Hull Plan


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010 for you as well!

-…- no real progress here -…-

Time to make you ´nervous´a little bit maybe? -> 2 layers of 160gr. carbon twill + 1 layer of 80gr. glass, then sanded -> 1.4kg shell weight for this 2M Trimaran Mainhull!

Besides that, some ´size´ comparison between Mini40 class and 2M-Kingsize -…-


Happy New Year to all – the main hull plans are to come soon

Hi Siri, just wondering how the 2metre Trimaran is coming along - looking forward to seeing the full set of plans.


Dear Ray,
seems that you are telepathic - I have prepared the mainhull plans yesterday.
The drawings for the beams will come later.

Here are the mainhull plans.

BP5-Main Hull

[BP5-Main Hull Shadows 1/14](http://www.rcsails.com/build/BP5-MAIN 1.pdf)

[BP5-Main Hull Shadows 2/14](http://www.rcsails.com/build/BP5-MAIN 2.pdf)

[BP5-Main Hull Shadows 3/14](http://www.rcsails.com/build/BP5-MAIN 3.pdf)

[BP5-Main Hull Shadows 4/14](http://www.rcsails.com/build/BP5-MAIN 4.pdf)

[BP5-Main Hull Shadows 5/14](http://www.rcsails.com/build/BP5-MAIN 5.pdf)

[BP5-Main Hull Shadows 6/14](http://www.rcsails.com/build/BP5-MAIN 6.pdf)

[BP5-Main Hull Shadows 7/14](http://www.rcsails.com/build/BP5-MAIN 7.pdf)

[BP5-Main Hull Shadows 8/14](http://www.rcsails.com/build/BP5-MAIN 8.pdf)

[BP5-Main Hull Shadows 9/14](http://www.rcsails.com/build/BP5-MAIN 9.pdf)

[BP5-Main Hull Shadows 10/14](http://www.rcsails.com/build/BP5-MAIN 10.pdf)

[BP5-Main Hull Shadows 11/14](http://www.rcsails.com/build/BP5-MAIN 11.pdf)

[BP5-Main Hull Shadows 12/14](http://www.rcsails.com/build/BP5-MAIN 12.pdf)

[BP5-Main Hull Shadows 13/14](http://www.rcsails.com/build/BP5-MAIN 13.pdf)

[BP5-Main Hull Shadows 14/14](http://www.rcsails.com/build/BP5-MAIN 14.pdf)

All shadows should print out 1:1 on A4 paper

Have fun with the drawings

It’s nothing really, just a little gift…

Seriously, what package are you using to draw the lines, if we contact via private message would you have .dwg or .dxf format files you would be prepared to share? I could be interested in building from your lines.


Hi Siri, how’s the 2metre tri build going?


Hi Ray,
as soon as my other unfinished projects (Marblehead, IOM and RG65) are off the building board the 2m will be started.


But now you ar going to have to change the plan and build a wing sail!!!

Hi John,
the BP5 does not have a wing so no changes needed to the plans,
if I’m going to build an BMWOracle in the future I will need go for a wing;)


Finally I have cut the shadows for main hull and floats. Next step will be to set up the building boards and attach the shadows to the boards.

main hull templates

float hull templates


Hi Siri -
will this one start life as a foam plug like previous ones - or do you plan to strip build it?

We finally had a break in the weather today and I measured snow in back yard as up just above my knees. Will be some time before it all melts. Hope it is a slow melt to avoid major flooding. Spring can’t be too far behind.