1500mm LOA

hey hey hey,
this is the new thread for the InfinitusMD (was Max1500) rc (radio control) sailing class (that has its original thread in sailing anarchy, which is in a total mess now thanks to someone who posts about canting keels to much).
i have at the moment 4 or 5 boats either built or bein built that comply.
these are the rules thus far
it is a box rule, so there are max & min lenths/weights (measurements in millimeters/kilograms)
LOA is between 1450 & 1550
LWL max is 1550
Bmax of hull is 500
Bmin of hull is 250
Bmax for on deck ballast will be 500mm from centreline
Top of mast to bottom of keel is 3000
bowsprit/spinnaker pole is 700
length of mainsail foot is 400
length of jib foot is 300
min displacement is 2kg
max channels is 4 (this doesn’t limit the amount of servo’s, just the amount of channels)
Hull materials: hull to be made out of aluminium, fibreglass or wood
Spars: spars to be made out of aluminium or fibreglass
Foils: maximum of 3 foils (such as 2 rudders & a canting keel, or a rudder & a canting keel etc.)
only 2 sets of foils are allowed during the season.
foils can be detachable
No hydrofoils or foils that produce a vertical lifting force are allowed
Bulb or ballast: ballast to be made out of anything that has either the same or less density than lead.
Sails: sails to be made out of a material that is available to everyone. a maximum of 3 sails per rig only (main, jib & spinnaker, whether assy or sym)
The mast is counted as part of the sail area, where the main is attached (the luff of the main) to the mast, this area is the counted area (See Here)
Rigs: limit of 2 rigs per boat
A rig being the rig with the most Sail area
B rig being the rig with the least sail area

Boats have to be self righting (will be pull down tests at major events)
boats with on deck systems aren’t allowed to have any bouyancy in the ballast.

How about " SPITFIRE 1500"

sorry miller,
thats just a bit to long a name & there’s already a cat that is called a spitfire, bloody pommy pos.
it has to be a short name…

It wasn’t to long for Triumph. I use to have a Spit 1500, I still have my Triumph TR6.
Don Miller

ya, but there is also the spitfire catamaran, what else can you think of that sounds cool

[size=3][color=Black]How about :[/color][i][color=Black]


how about the Mini-Maxi 1500? That is essentially what it would be.

mmm what about just Max1500?

its your boat but i would think that would work. Over on sailing anarchy i posted some concerns on the spinnaker concept used in conjunction with a canting keel.

Maximum1.5 ??

Formula 15

nah, don’t want to sound like most of the other boats, formula 100 (that 1m rc boat), formula 16 (16ft cat), formula 18 (18ft cat).

Super 15…?

got it 1500----> Roman numbers = MD

there you go:

Class MD

I like that, sounds cool. maybe ad a prefix of unlimited?

Unlimited MD

[b]Infinitus MD


Infinitus MD it is

what did we win???

a thank you

a thank you & a new class has been bourne (just getting the rules sorted out)
maybe a half model when i can build one (as long as you come here to get it :stuck_out_tongue: )