"10 Miles Garda Lake Regatta" - Italy

I’m pleased to announce that for the second Year, in the first week of September 2014, it will be take place the “10 Miles of Garda Lake regatta”.
This Endurance Regatta is based upon a race course of about 5 miles to be sailed from Torri di Benaco village to the turn buoy placed at Pay village.
The skippers can follows their boats by walking along the shore line and return.
It is allowed to change batteries and arms as needed. For that purpose several Pontoon and Peers are located along the course where the boats can be recovered.
All Classes are accepted including the one specially developped for this event.
Racing boats are splitted into 2 categories : from 50cm to 99cm and from 100cm to 200cm.
Prices are available for the first absolute arrival and for all first arrival of each class.
Classes as RG65, IOM, Class M, 10R, 2mt of Garda, AC120, AC100, CR914, etc. are welcomed
Each reconized class will race in accordance with their own Rules, special design will measured before the Start.

This event was introduced last year where 8 boats partecipated, most of them from IOM Class. The winner was a Class M that toke 4h 40’ to complete the course.
Winds are blowing generally from South and North according to seasons and day hours, see map below, but some time they are coming from any direction as it was the case last year 2013.
Wind speeds may vary from 2/3 kt up to 25/30kt. September should see low/medium wind forces.

Here the location :

Everybody is warmly welcome to participate to this original regatta.

Official “NOTICE OF RACE” & Rules will be issued shortly.



What about multihulls, like centomiglia/multicento?

I’ll be there, with or without boat. :cool:

Will be very nice of you.
Probably others 3 will join the regatta from Germany, pending confirmation.
Not sure multi will be accepted yet, waiting for answer.

Thanks Claudio for your efforts!

Plan B would be my vintage long keeler, but this could end up in a 10 hour walk in broad daylight (if I would finish before sunset :wink:
They would’ t be pleased either.

I think, I need a new boat :slight_smile:

looks like a great venue!

Claudio could you clarify are the prizes given for absolute first finish and the two categories? or are the prizes given for absolute first finish and each class separately(e.g. IOM, M, 10r …)?

I and some other sailors from slovenia would like to participate, we sail a 750mm(hull lenght)national class

Yes of course if measured before race.
I just raised the question about a time limit or in case non wind is blowing anymore.
Some testings should detect the average speed of the boat vs wind.
0.5m/s means 1.8km per hour …

According to my understanding each first for each class will receive a price as well the first absolute that will be declared as the 10miles winner of the year.
I do not know if second and third will be considered also.
Of course all that shall be reported in the Rules that are not yet availables, this is my understanding so far by reading in the Yacht Club of Verona site.
They will be very pleased to see sailors coming from Slovenia !

Race will not start with no wind and above 25/30kt.
Race time limit is 18.00 to allow skippers to collect their materials.
It may happen also that the race could be stopped if the wind fall to zero knots.
I raised a question about the use of mark buoys to be placed at regular intervals and judges can certify the boat passages in order to define an intermediate and valid classification.

It is important to say that the skipper will be fully responsible about the sailing capability of their boats, therefore they shall ensure that perforamances are compatibles with the race requirements.

The important parameter being the boat speed taking into account about 8 hours race for about 10/12km.

Race distance could be shortened in case of wind speed drop.

Rescue boats will be availble in case of emergency.

Many details are still under consideration taking into account that this will be the second year for the “10miles Garda regatta”

Any suggestions are welcomed !

Whait and see !

looks like


are available @


What I read in the NOR it’s about ‘monoscafi’, so monohulls should be allowed.

Racing day should be the 7. Sep. 2014, this would be centomiglia’s lay-day. ( http://www.centomiglia.it/ )
So if you spend the weekend at Lake Garda I recommend to have a look at the centomiglia at Sat, the 6. Sep. 2014.
Best view You’ll get from 10 to 12 AM near the car ferry at Malcesine (I’ll be there).

I’ll subcribe under the class ‘diversa’. With my vintage long keeler I should perform slightly under RG65. So I’ll go for the ‘lantera rossa’. :wink:
(If I don’t get another boat :rolleyes:)

Subscribtions until 4. September 2014 24:00.

Hi Spade
I regret that we will not sail togheter in England for the Footy Gold Cup because, till now, you are not in registered list and I suppose that you’ll not be there next week end, but I hope to meet you on the Garda Lake in september;)

2014 is 10 years since my “old” Urca for Record was born and I planned to do something special for the recurrence, but, unfortunately, a number of various events did not allowed me to organize anything.
So this wonderful initiative to play a little with my boat, that in last years remained so long in my “cellar”, attracted me immediately and, in fact, I think I was one of the first registered at the event.

I hope that there are new and old friends to meet and to spend a nice day together walking and sailing on the beautiful Garda Lake shores
See you soon

p.s. any images of my old little “2M del Garda” Urca for Record boat… quite 11 years old

Video channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOtXhpg6d_Jd1J_CUqRXBog

Hi to all,
after the race, here you could find any photos and news about 10 Miglia del Garda raced on 7th september 2014

This is the Official Chronicle of the race published by the organizer, Michele Apostoli, and translated here

Claudio Vigada won the second edition of the 10 Miles del Garda and puts his name in gold in this particular race.
He led his class 2 meters, prepared and helmed with great skill, astounding sailing enthusiasts who were able to watch the race from the comfort on the shores of Lake Garda.
In second place overall Matteo Longhi from Lake Como with the class “ten rater” Prizm project of Bantock. He tried in vain to counteract the performance of Vigada taking advantage of every little wind shift with tacking beautiful.
At the third step of the podium and first class M, Massimo Apostoli of YC Verona with his design hull built in cedar wood by master shipwright William Mazzotti of Cervia.
Fourth place went to Paolo Zuanazzi with waliky class M for a breath at the finish burned the place to the talented Riccardo Bonechi first Class 1 meter (IOM), with its beautiful panko.
The race started with pace and stern light winds saw stretch from the first meters Vigada then stabilize the position for about a mile. A drop in wind, Vigada go into a wind hole and the Apostoli held more external from lake side and the resumes and even surpasses he by taking a distinct advantage. At the gate of alf path the wind drops further and the entire fleet regroups. The IOM with little wind seem very competitive and approach. Surprising German with his punt of about 90 cm which remains attached to Vigada. It is believed to have the engine … but not ‘so’. Subsequently, the wind grow of a pair of nodes and settle to the positions that will remain so until arrival.
Beautiful and unforgettable the interminable upwind from Pai to Torri del benaco, where in the rear there was a good fight.
The YC Verona thanks all the participants and by appointment for the next edition to be held next year on the same days. Good wind.

Michele Apostoli

Classment of the event at this link: http://www.yachtclubverona.it/cp/images/vela/Regate-RC/2014_RC_Regate/10Miglia_2014_Classifica.pdf

The winners

Urca for record quite ready to go

Urca for record sailing on Garda lake

Here any other pictures of 10 Miglia del Garda
The small incredible boat German GER 7, which showed as having a low draft long keel and no bulb immersed allow good performance going downwind at low speed: it is 91 cm and it has about 20 cm of draft

Clearly, with a little more wind and expecially going upwind a lot of things changes

Urca team supporter, Andrea, in look “sherpa”

The spectacular big Garda lake seems only for all of us

Litlle boats coming

Porto Pai in front of us and the Matteo’s Ten Rater follows closely urca for Record downwind

finally closed hauled with a bit of wind

A lot of other pictures are at this link on Progetto Urca Facebook page

Bye bye and … I hope to see you at the next year 10 Miglia del Garda edition

Claudio, it was a pleasure to watch your boat hammering upwind back to Torri!
Unfortunatly it was a short pleasure for me.

Downwind to Pai I had best conditions for my Regina
(Ger 7), so I got more time to spend in the pack. :slight_smile:
Back upwind against the building ‘ora’ I got enough time to think about the beautifull and fast boats I have met at this unique regatta :wink:

So hopefully until next year!

Hi Wolfgang, I was very surprised to see how much of your small boat colud go fast with so little wind. I’m sorry I did not understand that Wolfgang Korn and Tuppesw were the same person.
Unfortunately, before the race, for me there was not so much time for a chat and watch the other boats because Urca For record need a bit long preparation, and after the race, I took also an hour to disassemble and put everything in the car.
When you arrived I saw you go in the square of Torri with your model, I was at the bar for a few minutes and I was “completely boiled” for both the “little” 10 miles running and for the hot temperature.
I think this race is a nice opportunity to play with the models sailing in a somewhat different way, and it would be nice in future editions there were more competitors from different classes, and maybe even prototypes developed specially for it.
Lake Garda is very popular with your fellow countrymen and model sailing is very popular in Germany. Do you think is there any way to have more modelers from Germany next year?
Could you give me any suggestions and/or link to the German forums to be forwarded to the organizers to promote the 10 miles of the Garda in Germany?

Such a cool race, wish I didn’t live so far away would love to enter one of our 2m AC boats. Maybe someday…!

Yes, that’s it!
First time at the downwind leg, when we moved with the ‘wind’ to Pai.
Second time at the way back, when the wind died again 500 m in front of Torri.
Next time I’ll use a Camelbak and hope it will not spoil the taste of my Aranciata Amara :wink:

The beverages and the snacks after the first and second third of the race at the intermediate gate was most wanted!
So, a perfect race organisation by the Yacht Club Verona!

For the next-edition-promotion in a german forum, these sites should be best:



I thought, with the upcoming european IOM Championships at Campione, we should have seen some german IOM skipper. :confused:
I would have liked to meet Spade with the slowenian 0,75 m boats (as my Regina has a LWL of 74 cm).
So as I read the NOR, I am now the sub-meter record holder :smiley:

I made a short video with my smartphone, don’t expect too much, but something to get a first impression.
So if you like it, feel free to share it with your friends.


and some pictures:

and the vintage section:

(in the background my 47 years old Regina wooden hull with a special 10Miglia edition rig: shroudless, 8 mm mast and booms, automatic cunningham, sails made with Claudio’s gadget and Ben Morris Draft Calculator)

(sorry for the delay, I had now two weeks without wifi and tv, so a realy tough time! :slight_smile: )

Hi Wolfgang.

Thank’s, very beautiful video and Pictures

I shared your post with video, links and compliments for the organization on our Forum at this link http://www.baronerosso.it/forum/navimodellismo-vela/309963-10-miglia-del-garda-4.html
So the Yacht Club Verona will have the links and the opportunity to post there any announcements for the next 10 Miglia del Garda.

Found this nice video from Riccardo Bonechi


2015 - edition, starts at the 6th of September, 2015

found at Yacht Club Verona’s site:


notice of race:

I tried a google-translation on my own:


    two groups:
  • Group A includes boats up to 99 cm of LOA;
  • Group B includes the boats over 99 cm of LOA up to a maximum of 200 cm.
    If a class is represented by at least five boats, it will constitute a separate group.
    The classification will be based on the real-time journey.
    Will be awarded the top three finishers overall and the first of the helmsmen Under 18.
    Also awarded will be the winner of each group made.

… so no yardstick classification
… but different classifications if one group(/class) has five or more competitors (five or more footy’s :wink: , five ore more IOM’s, five or more M’s etc. ?)

same venue as last year:


102 tacks back to torri:


with my vintage longkeeler, I should have had the most tacks back to torri :wink:

(BTW: last year they mentioned ‘monoscaffi’, this year it’s ‘imbarcazioni radiocomandate’ ; - )

Wolfgang - thanks for the photos and posts. Looks like a beautiful spot to sail. Do they allow multihulls? I am surprised that some didn’t participate if they do.