1.8m ACC "V6" design

Based on what I learned from racing our 6 foot design “The Box” in Antigua I’ve designed a new non-square hull to replace it (The Box was a hard chine plywood hull).
The new boat is 1.84m loa and is aimed at having true open water ability.
The basic design is a take-off of a V5 AC boat in many of its proportions, but with relaxed overhangs to improve the overall sailing length & volume distribution. So, I think of it as a “Version 6”.

Here’s a shot of it fresh out of the mold. Full Carbon construction, Ampreg 22 resin & vacuum bagged.
We hope to have it out sailing by the end of October, more pictures to follow…

Here’s a photo of our original design racing in Falmouth Harbor Antigua.
The new boat will use the same basic sailplan with a slightly taller overall rig height.

A shot of the plug & molds. The hull was designed using Delfthip, the plug halves were machined by a CNC.

Here’s the new fin and 19.5 bulb for the 1.8m design (on left). It’s sitting with last years fin used on the “BOX” stitch and glue for comparison. Looking forward to test sailing before the end of this month. Brisk fall breezes and a 6’ waterline should give the chase boat a good workout.

bill f.

Looking forward to some match racing between “The Box” & “B2” I know which one my money is on…!

We’re getting pretty close to a test sail! All looking forward to a match race between the two big boats. Here’s the B2 hull with foils and bulb attached. Bulb came in at 19.5 lbs, just about on the design weight. Still looking at an all up weight of 29 lbs (13.2kg) or so.

bill f.

Add primer, deck will be clear carbon twill. Not too much warm weather left here in New England USA.


Finish LPU paint applied; deck needs clear coating. Sailing soon.


Lots of hast work today but the boat went sailing. What a day for test sailing 12-16mph breeze and fading sunlight. Great to have the chase boat as this thing covers a lot of ground (water ) fast!

A Great day on the water for sure! Here’s a little video from today:

Great test sail… Very nice to see it hit the water. Now for some two boat testing!?

Very impressive stuff!!

What sort of sail winch and rudder servo are you using?


Thank you. We are using a Futaba S9252 Digital for the rudder and an RMG sailwinch

We feel the same way, it took much longer to get sailing than we had hoped! 2 boat testing will start this week between “The Box” & “B2” although from what we saw yesterday it will be very one sided…

Another still shot from yesterday, gives an idea just how big the boat is.

Quite surprised to see you’re using the S9252 as a rudder servo - if memory serves they’re only about 6.5Kg/cm (approx 90 oz/inch). I’m still very new to RC sailing but I remember reading a build log for an EC12 and the recommendation for the rudder servo was 6Kg minimum.

Obviously your ‘V6’ has a balanced or semi-balanced rudder which reduces the force requirement, whereas the EC12’s rudder pivots on its leading edge (a bit like an oversize trim tab). I’m beginning to think that my choice of rudder servo for my ‘Enterprise’ build may be somewhat over the top - had a Savox SC-1251MG delivered today which is rated between 7Kg/cm @ 4.8V and 9Kg/cm @ 6V. It’s torque rating was almost a secondary element; primary concerns were (i) waterproof & (ii) as small as possible (it’ll give me the option of mounting it behind the raked rudder stock). Might be an idea to start a new thread for reference on displacement//sail area & sail winch(es)//rudder size & servo.

Anyway, in the meantime definitely looking forward to seeing your next video offerings oh and by the way, could you be tempted to take a commission for a suit of sails for Enterprise?



Yes, semi balanced. We actually used a servo with slightly less torque on “The Box” and got it to work fine.
I’d be happy to talk to you about some sails. E-mail me here: friessaildesign@gmail.com
We will be doing some 2 boat testing this coming weekend, should have some good video.

Here’s a few more pics from last weekend of “B2”. We will be having out first match race between the 2 boats tomorrow.

Definitely looking forward to seeing the films of the match racing. At the moment the sails for Enterprise are a fair way off, but I’d love to talk about design & possibly commission you to make them - the sails on the ‘Box’ & V6 look fabulous.



Some great match racing today in Newport RI between our old boat “The Box” & “B2”. B2 proved to be the faster boat & much easier to sail.
Conditions ranged from 10-15 knots, flat water.
Here are some pics, video to follow.