1/7 Micro Transat

I started my project with my own design in 3 dimensional AutoCAD drawing that I made based in the lines and dimensions of mini Transat in 1/7 scale.

After that I started by printing the bulkheads in normal paper and cut it in carton.

The next was to cut it in balsa wood.

And assembly…


Today is the stringers turn to be assembled.

Hi Guas38,
nice job so far !

Thak you my friend

One more day is over and the results are obvious.
The stringers are in place.
Now I am ready for the next step of the hull’s skin.

The outcome is very stiff and light.

I just started with the skin of the hull.
For the beginning is easy.
Let’s see in the bow section how easy is going to be…

Skin is finished. My vacation is also finished. now it is going to get slower but will see…

I decide to use the boat as a plug so I will be able to built a couple and race them as much-race racers.
This is the first coat of gel-cot on top of the balsa skin.
I have done this in the sailing club in Heraclion. I am not going to do that again there.
The ventilation of the place was not enough and the whole building smells styrene.
I did it with a friend whose boat you can see in the last 2 photos.
It looks pretty nice I think what are your comets?

It is a rainy day today and I can work my job.
So the fairing just started.
The shape is not bad but I think I will have to have a new coat of gel-coat
because there are places tha balsa has been exposed
And the big one behind it is the newest development cut in foam in a scale 1/2.5

The design is cut every 5cm an then glue them together.

Very Good Work

Thank you claudio,
this is a big encouragement for me to continue the boat.
Today I had a new layer of gel-coat.
I did it with different color of gel-coat so as to be able to know how dip goes the sanding.

As you can see I did it outdoors but…
Do not use yellow gel-coat outdoors or you are going to end up with lots of flying bugs stick on your hull.

It’s been a while since I have posted any photos.
In the meanwhile I have added 2 layers of gel-coat since I created the surface I wanted.
Now the plug is ready for the female mold. All I want is to have enough layers of molding wax and I am ready to get finished with it.

And today I finished the female mold of the boat.

And in the previous photos you can also see the mold of my deck.
Here is the procedure

So what do you thing of my project?

This is the first boat that I am going to built.
I am going to use 1 layer of 200gr carbon twill 2x2 and 300gr biaxial 12.5cm carbon tape for reinforcement.

I am wandering, almost 400 times the thread has been viewed since I posted the last photos and nobody had something to say?

I took it out of the mold and it is more flexible than I expected.
I think that it is not complete set yet.

the carbon will stiffen up immensely ofter a couple days.

and i still cant believe how beamy she is…

are you going to put in a canting keel?

You are right my friend and compared with a friends IOM is like 3 of them in beam (42cm to 17.8cm)

About the keel, this is going to have a stable one for the testing
but I am going to have a second one to apply all my ideas and scale modeling.

I tried to see the real maximum displacement and this is what I did:
I placed the hull in the shower and filed the hull with water.
Then I poured the water in a bucket and I saw the weight of it.

Here are the photos:

So this is the maximum displacement that the hull mast have.
Now I am planning to put in the hull some bulkheads to strengthen it and also the keel box.
I also wait for the keel and the rudders that I have order that are different size of helicopters main blades.

Just yesterday I received my blades.
So today I created the keel fin box and I placed the bulkheads and the keel fin box in place.
The fins are absolutely perfect in shape and strength.
When the epoxy is ready I am going to trim the diagonal bulkheads and finish everything for the deck.
Here are some photos of the project:

Hobby King Heli Rotors???

my only complaint with them is they are bit thicker than I’d like. but you can’t beat the price…

with my RC 65. I can get two keels and two rudders out of a pair of blades…

What is the thickness that you would like.
I am going to measure it tomorrow and I will tell you the exact thickness.