1:10 Scaled Class

Most of you are probably aware of my “Wildcard” which is my take on a 1:10 scaled 40 footer, due to the interest here that a dedicated 1:10 Scaled Class could be established I’d like to see it’s evolution happen here.

Bring your Pic’s, your designs, your thoughts and lets see if we can’t get a pretty cool Class off the ground.



HcW & other big class potential builder/owners

Received line drawings (top view and stations) from Nigel of the Open 60 “KINGFISHER” which will work out to a boat just a touch under 60 feet long with a beam of just a touch over 18 feet. At a 1/10 scale, the LOA should be just under 60 inches and the beam just about 18 inches - making this a decent size and probably providing sufficient “wow” factor to local events and the general public.

Still not sure about the rounded gunwales of KINGFISHER and some of the other Open 60’s so might modify that a bit. Took the color-on-black lines and converted to black on white for easier read, and printed cross sections to 11 x 17 paper. I think I will be able to cut all stations in “half-width” and then just add in 1/2 inch to bring up to appropriate scale of 18 inches total beam. This will eliminate a lot of enlarging and calculations which would need to be done if this were an Open 70 - or MaxZ86 being built.

I like the ideas brought forth about 1/10 scale handicap racing, as one can build to whatever size fits your car trunk, van or truck bed - and using 1/10 makes general scale easy to do. Pretty much everything with a final beam of 17 inches or less can be printed to 11x17 paper - which should prove helpful to the guys building smaller boats like 30 and 40 footers.

As a first boat and to test rules, handicapping, and general construction and performance, I am contemplating setting up for spinnaker at a later date, and skipping the canting keel for the time being - mostly based on initial responses saying the canting keel doesn’t add that much speed, given complexities, potential for gear failure and the extra weight of mechanical works needed. Will probably opt for at least 3 channel to start - rudder, main and jib on separate channels with possibility for an overlapping jib. Have plenty of time to consider that option.

So in closing, I guess I am suggesting that I will commit to a build for this class if there are others willing to do the same. If not, I can continue to play with bigger multihulls since builders who “said they would” - haven’t so far. Would like to see some comment on interest before going too far on this effort. Who is in - and from what Country?

Here are a couple of 1/10 scale 12 metres to whet your appetite.

Photo 1 = Australia II.
2 = Challanger.
3 = cockpit with winches.

lovely ian! i love it! [that was redundant!:rolleyes:] either way… do you only to austrailian challengers? what about the “plastic fantastics?”

may i add to the appetite wetting.

found these at:


[quote=Dick Lemke;39131]HcW & other big class potential builder/owners

Received line drawings (top view and stations) from Nigel of the Open 60 “KINGFISHER” which will work out to a boat just a touch under 60 feet long with a beam of just a touch over 18 feet. At a 1/10 scale, the LOA should be just under 60 inches and the beam just about 18 inches - making this a decent size and probably providing sufficient “wow” factor to local events and the general public.

Hi Dick, I need some help with how the scale thing works, I would think that 1:10 of 60’ would be 6’ or 72" and 18’ would be 1.8’ or 21.6", what am I doing wrong?
thanks John

I agree with John. 1:12 scale would yield a boat that has the same dimensions just in inches. 1:10th scale means, 1"=10" so it would be the same as what John is talking about. My TP52 is a 1:12th scale, yeailding a 52" boat.

I’ve found it’s far easier to work in metric for scales ie. 100mm : 1000mm then convert to Imperial. TP52 is a little bigger than 1.5metres : 15metres to get 1:10.

DOH ! :headache::blush::blush:

Thinking one thing - typing someting else ! Cheesch ! :blush:
Sorry - and got myself confused between metric and our (US) measurement trying to convert between the two.

As HcW notes, it is probably best to work in pure metrics since they are already in “10th” measurements. Thus, “KINGFISHER” is 18.28 meters long and 5.5 meters wide.

NOW - if I am doing this corrrectly and then converting to Imperial measurements, I 'Think" the following is correct ---- Length will be 71.97 inches and beam will be 21.65 inches. Glad someone is proofing my stuff - really embarrassing, it is !

Forget what I posted about using 11x17 inch paper - it’s back to the enlarging thing on the copier or any art software that can “tile” print to specified size. Thanks guys.

The Senior Member was having a Senior Moment.



One KZ7 for you!

To make amends for my earlier errors (and ways) - here is a link that is great to use if you have a photocopy, photograph, etc. that you want to enlarge.

Open the link and enter the size of the original dimension that you can scale with a ruler. Then enter the size you WANT. Press calculate and it wiill provide you with the percent of enlargement (or reduction) needed on your photocopier. Accuracy depends on your initial measurements. You only need one dimension - either width or height if you are doing cross sections. I usually use the the widest part of the beam of thehull and when copying to larger percent, all the other stations on that same drawing are also at the proper size.

Example: Say you have a maximum beam of 17 inches, but you want a beam of 21 inches. Enter 17 as the original size (width) and enter 21 as your desired size. Press calculate and you should see an enlargement needed of 123.529% Since most copiers don’t have zoom levels beyond the normal whole percentages, I would enter 123% enlargement knowing I will be under th maximum beam - yet within the class rules if that was the controlling factor. If you have a copier that accepts decimal percentage enlargements, you will be that much more accurate.


I have the plans for the newest columbia 30(32’)…1/8th would be 48" LOA,The 1/10th: 38". Would anyone prefer one over the other?.Builder would like to see these tooled…DD

That’s not a large model yacht – this is a large model yacht.

[Model Yacht Racing Association of America (MYRAA) Class B model, circa 1925. A loophole in the rules (fancy that!) allowed such monsters in the class. These were almost always sailed from skiffs – try rowing after that sucker in a brisk breeze :-)]



thats a beauty thranth!

Derusha, considering we’re looking toward a 1:10 Class maybe there would be a starting point. It gets a bit awkward if you have a jumble of scales with respect to your own deck hardware development plans I should imagine.

At 38" it will make the boat almost a Metre LOA, I still maintain that for an entry level LOA, this size is ideal as it is reasonably cheap to build and fittout with R/C gear.

I know it might sound strange, however I get a great deal of enjoyment building the type of boats anyone might see down at their Local Marina.



Heres my project
1.10 scale Marten 49 by Reichel pugh.
I have 2 carbon hulls.

tempted also to knock up a 1.10 scale of the current boat I am racing.
The Ross 780 is a nice enough boat…had a record breaking sled ride last weekend.
20knots plus boatspeed seen quite often…hairy to say the least:)

Well it seems that the 1:10 scale interest is there so I have gone ahead and scaled my drawings and will be ordering my 1:10 scale shadows sometime in the next month or two. I figure to be realistic I won’t get both boats sailing at the same time since they will most likely share electronics so I will start out with the 1:12 plug and see how it goes. Then if I like the outcome enough I will build the 1:10 plug and get that boat sailing first.


Fantastic!..do you sell parts?

My new “lab” building is almost complete. I hope to have pictures showing a line of models being assembled at different scales 3/8"=1’ on up to 1/10th scale. Hardware will be “ready to pull off the shelf” and placed where needed.Markets are display model builders as well as the r/c. Would prefer to buy models to “get on line” however I will tool models if needed.

The “get on line” means assembly in a line not putting on line.

I would trade parts&cash or what ever will assist others in their progress.
Dean Derusha

Sounds like a plan Millrtme, just looking at those 1/10 Open 60’s, one can’t help but be in awe, they are awesome boats. I could only imagine how big a Super maxi must look like on the water.

Brett, a scaled Ross 780 would be sensational, I’m heading down the Elliott 7 road, as they are the largest OD Class here in Oz.