Youpi (french kit/rts)

Hi !
For the pleasure, some pictures of the Youpi N°200 (work in progress) and some other picts of the Youpi model. Actually, 275 Youpi sailing around the world (france, usa, canada, shangai, polsky…).

Before the paint sequence :

Hull & deck :

The dog house :

Yellow Youpi :

On the wind :

Funny trip :

The hull :

3 Youpi in garden of luxembourg

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Very nice and elegant construction and particularly the deck structures.
Little remark, the deck stripes are probably too large.

Hi Claudio,

Exact :slight_smile: In fact generaly it’s a 3 mm wood for the deck, like this :

It’s a test :slight_smile: Maby a large roof is better with this type of deck !

Generally on real boats of this kind, the stripes width is of 70/80mm + ~5mm of Black Sicaflex or similar polymer compounds.
The number of stripes is function of the main beam.
For scale models, the same number of stripes should be used.

Thank’s for picture :slight_smile:

Just adding to Claudio’s advice, I remember laying a ‘teak deck’ finish in the cockpit of my last ‘full size’ boat and the boards were 2" (50mm) wide with the caulked seams being 1/4" (6.35mm). The margin boards (‘framing’ around the planked sections) were 2 1/2" (62mm).

Your finished deck really does look stunning, especially how the planks have been joggled into the king plank. If I had to be critical I’d say that the individual deck planks are too wide - if Tuiga’s beam is about 4m & the deck planks are about 80mm then she’d have approximately 50 planks across her deck. It will actually be fewer once allowances are made for the king plank & covering boards. As ‘Youpi’ has a beam of 170mm (?) I would have thought that the scale deck planks would need to be somewhere between 2.5 & 3mm wide.

I just hope that when I come to decking ‘Enterprise’ the deck looks half as good as yours!!