Yay, another new guy (in GA)

Kinda new to this RC sailing biz. My wonderful better half bought me a Megatech Nirvana for my birthday and I’m enjoying it. The sheeting system sucks, but with a little ingenuitive sailing, it works. I’ve been sailing real boats for ten years, I race on a Wavelength 24 on Lake Lanier, and I’ve been building and operating R/C aircraft and cars since I was old enough to crawl, so this was a natural progression for me. I’d like to hook up with other Nirvana sailors in the area for some buoy action, and maybe eventually get into something really competitive like 1M, Soling or RC Laser racing, but for now the Nirvana will have to do (and oh boy, the cheapness!). I usually sail at Briscoe Park, in Snellville, GA. Shoot me an email if you’d like to sail.