Yankee III J boat

I know Earl is a moderator here so watch your mouths! LOL Just kidding! I am planning his Yankee III Jboat as my first attempt at building a boat. anyone have experience with this boat and advice for me? My pond usually has very light air so I thought this tender boat may be a good candidate for my pond conditions and the build doesn’t look too tough. I want to build a Marblehead next.Do they work well in light air? Thanks guys…I am new to model sailing but I have scratch built rc planes for years. I also sail a full size Cal 27 on Lake Thurmond. I fill confident about the build but I am LOST about all the rigging…

If you have the second edition of the book, I recommend the glass over balsa construction method over the glass over foam of the original. It seems to make a sturdier hull, and is less messy.



I must have the first edition as there is no balsa version in it…It really is a beautiful boat!

You can download the “changes” from the first edition here.