XL 25

What about the XL25 sailboat, is it possible to order it, or is it out of produktion? Ive tried to mail several times to the company, but i get no answer. Does anyone have some info abut it?

I have downloaded plans and rules, but seems there are bunch of boats in this size (or close to it) here in the U.S. so interest is very limited. Especially since it is homebuilt.

I would not be difficult to build from balsa with light glass covering, but there needs to be an interest before one would set up production to make these hulls. Perhaps this is why the production has proven impossible to maintain.

Have not heard they were out of business - but haven’t heard much positive public relations notices from the class either.

Ok…i am a beginner in rc-sailing, so i tought it would be a nice boat to start with(resonably priced) before moving up to the IOM class. Can any of you recommend some other boat in this size? I live in Europe.

Erik -

I won;t be much help from here in US - but might want to look at MicroMagic elsewhere on this forum.

Hopefully others will advise and post too. It would be helpful if you updated your profile to at least indicate the country in which you live.

The MicroMagic looks nice! My local dealer has it. I live in Sweden.