Would you like FirstPost on every page after?

Okay since the update I now have the ability to make it so the first orginal post of the thread remains at the top on every page after in that thread. I can assign this option to individual forums and subforms.

Basically like the old snitz board.

I would like to get some feedback. Should I still implement this or is everyone happy with the way the posts are displayed now? I hope to go forward with some descision around Oct. 15th.

Chad, I have always favoured the original post then the newest option.
On the old board I posed the question and most did not agree with me.
Yes, I would like to have the original on each page.
This is a great boon when the threads start to grow longer than 3 pages.

Sorry Ian , I disagree. The thread is the most important thing, doesn’t matter where it came but what it is doing when you get on.


For right now I have enabled it just for the HOw-To section. I am trying to get some help on vB in order to try and modify it so that people can choose the way they want to view the threads in the thread display.

Basically so each person can decide if they want to view the first post on every page. Similar to the old snitz board