"World's Smallest" gooseneck

I’m rebuilding my Ocean 500 yacht ( 19" L.O.A., 27" mast) with a new rig, and maybe a new rudder. The rudder has a 1/4" shaft, which I think could be smaller for less drag, and the rig needs new booms and rigging. Fractional rig, and maybe even new(plastic) sails. What plastic did they use on the Victoria?

The mast is going to be a 1/4" carbon arrow shaft, or could I go with 3/8" (from what)? I don’t know about the main & jib booms. Would 1/4" carbon arrow shaft be too big? the kit comes with plastic booms, but I think those stink(it’s a $69 boat). I’d like 3/16" (square carbon?) or round for the booms.

Jib boom gets a setup like my 1M. Main boom also (just smaller). Again, Fractional rig

The next problem is making a gooseneck. I thought of sandwiching a ball-link with two pieces of 1/8" aluminum sheet, but that allows the boom to twist(bad).Maybe 1/4" ball link? Vang will be a string & bowsie.



TomoHawk, carbon arrow shafts are available in many different diamenters and degrees of stiffness. I think stiffness is more important than diameter, but shafts are available that are both small and stiff. If you have an archery pro shop in the area, drop by and talk with them. Many shops have discarded shafts that they might be willing to let you have for minimal cost. The big advantage, though, is that you can flex a number of different shafts and pick what you like best for your boat.

Bill H

I was going to go with a gooseneck that was built around a machined aluminum yoke, but instead I made one with three cotter pins- a heavier one on the mainboom’s end sandwiched between two smaller in the mast, and a small bolt as the pivot. I’ll use a string & bowsie for the vang, unless anybody knows how to make a simple vang that’s very small (about 3 inches long ).

I’m taking lots of photos of everything to document things.

Maybe these pics will help: