world championship call international trophy 2012

the international trophy not call world championship because of isaf
will be organise by the CN viry

from 28/8/2012 to the 1/9/2012
in la grande paroisse

when we finish the website we will inform you for more


what are you talking about ? probably you miss a forum !!

Sounds like the RG65 Global/Earth/Multinational Championship is being held southeast of Paris in 2012. “CN viry” is not translating but it may be the local club name.

Should be fun, wish I could go.
In a remote corner there are some IOM and class M pictures, see gallery !

not it’s the good forum it’s for RG65 all the national representant have receive the proposition
earl Boebert have receive the information for the USA

@ntoine RG65 ica general manager

And the ISAF are not very keen on a non-afiliated class of boats organising a “world championship” because they think they are the only ones who can organise it. CN may be “Club Nautique”

yes CN is club nautique CN viry is an isaf association so they can 't do what they want