WOR 8' Class

go to visit this, it’s friend of mine.

Huge !!!


I ve seen that bfore…nice and the spin looks awesome

_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _


My french is poorer than poor…
Any idea what kind of sailwinches thet are using for that big piece of cloth?
I wonder if that spinnaker roller causes trouble from time to time. I would be scared that the spi rolls to the side around the axle and locks the whole thing. Isn’t a tube much easier to control?


why can’t they have a english version of the site?

I see said the blind man to the crippled nudist who put his hands in his pockets & promptly walked away.

hey pat, how much do they cost to build, including sail winches & sails & all the other stuff?

I see said the blind man to the crippled nudist who put his hands in his pockets & promptly walked away.

guys try this.

It will let you translate the page.


mine cost me less than 1000 euros, but I made all.

Download Attachment: misalo021.jpg

It can cost 3000 euros if you bought all.


Where can i buy a plane of the boat?
how much is a plane?I love the boat!!

greats paul

Hello Paul,

witch plane do you want ?

WOR 8’ or mine, that is an AC/10 class?

if you want more photo

Download Attachment: act21.jpg



I am really courious… I only know the Hitec, the Robbe and the Graupner winch here in Europe. They all seam to be to small to deal with a sail big as yours. So what winch are you using? Where can I get it… [:D]


witch boat sails faster?

Yes let my see your pictures!!

I want a plane of the boat that sails beter

I love the AC10 en Wor 8 also.

Have you got a plane Pat of your ac10?

I use 2 RMG 380HD, customised for me by Rob Guyat, 18 turns (180 cm) travel.
one for the genoa and one for the main sail.

and a HS 805 transformed 11 turns with Helico?dal drum from RMG too, for the pataras.

Download Attachment: DSC03224.JPG

transformed like that:

Download Attachment: Dscn0518.jpg

but I use this too on my 12mJI/10:

Download Attachment: [ treuil l?ve vitre1.jpg](http://www.rcsailing.net/forum1/data/Pat/200410147437_treuil l?ve vitre1.jpg)

with an proportionnal electronic associated.

more expensif and heavy weight:

Download Attachment: TreuilG?nois.jpeg

If you are realy interested by those boat, I can sent you the plane, free of course, it’s my drawing !!



The last winch in your post is a piece of art! Whos the manufacturer?

Wondering…[:-magnify] How do you keep tension on a 180cm long line? The same rubber band technic everyone uses? Or do you have a special technic?


yes, but very heavy weight:


this is the system:

Download Attachment: chemin1.jpg


Wow. I didn’t expect to have a manufacturer like this around here. Thank you for the link.
Sorry to bother you with questions, but can you post a higher resolution version of the scheme?[:-jump2]
Its really hard to read… [:-glasses] Thanks a lot!


of course, but the size is very limited.

Download Attachment: chemin2.jpg

sorry, I am stupid !!

isn’t better like that ?

Download Attachment: chemin3.jpg

Download Attachment: chemin4.jpg


I am realy intrested in your boat!
how can you send me your drawing?
the boat is a beaty!

greats Paul

How many wind can the AC10 take ?

greats Paul

for the AC/10 the wind limit is 10 knots with the standart keel, TE=55cm, 15 knot with a 70 cm keel.
for the WOR8, there is no limit with a 70 cm TE.