WoodenBoat Footy!

I got my fresh WoodenBoat catalog today and right there on page 2 is Flavio’s Footy! Congrats!

Oooh, fun! Do you know if they have it online? Does it have a p/n so I can search their site?

-Rick (the armchair aquarist, who must needs put that footy on his christmas list)


just the plans $30 bucks…

After several weeks at sea, far from computers, and many busy days building my boat for the Euro GP 2009 , I am now back on the forum , and I would like to add more detailed informations about the relationship between Wooden Boat magazine and our footy world.

Carl Cramer ( wb publisher ) is a lover of footy class, and when I wrote him an e-mail about the possibility to develop a classic wooden footy within half hour I received a “go ahead” nice reply.

Carl likes both the aestetic side of these little model as well the good racing performances of wooden hulls in comparison to more modern materials ( I am speaking of Bill Hagerup’s boats - most obviously - )

We are currently working on final revision of Brando’s plans ( my semiscale catboat footy ) .
A huge number of e-mails have crossed atlantic ocean to fine tune details

Final package will be a group of about 15 large sheets ( A3 and/or 11"x17" ) + a builder’s manual with a detailed sequence of steps as well many photos

Plans will be available both as “paperversion” booklet , and as downlodable pdf version - at a much lower price than paper version.

We are also discussing the possibility to have a kit box version with laser cut parts + building instructions
Price of kit should be - most probably - between 50$ and 60$

From the beginning, Ann Neuhauser - the girl in charge for the wooden boat footy operation - wisely pointed out the need to have these three different proposal due to the fact that books, pdf files, and kit box have different distribution channels, and that peoples have different approaches to mdel activity.

For the future we are looking to have other classic wooden footy on their catalogue.

I would like to cover different building method ( hard chine, plank on frame, lapstrake, bread and butter ) as well different rigs ( catboat, sloop, yawl and so on ) in order to have about five or six model covering a wide range of tastes - all of them with “decent” sailing performances -

Final goal should be a book collecting all this material and fully devoted to footy activity.

Even if this kind of semiscale models are a “footy sub category” without doubt this is a wonderful example of attention to our class.


ps see below nice photo of Brando’s during the Mystic Wooden Boat Show

Rock on. Can’t wait for the kit to be available! A line of semiscale footies would be way cool.