Winter race in the UK

Hello everyone,

My local full size sailing club has had a few members develop an interest in the footy, since i took along my depron razor 3 a while back.
They have decided to hold a small race (or few) in the harbour at Hill Head on the south coast during the period between xmas and new year.

Non Hill Head members would be made more then welcome to the event…

Any takers (no details confirmed as definate yet…)



If you could supply some details of your event then I could mail them to all registered Footy owners in your area.

Don’t hold your breath though as the majority of U.K. Footy skippers are notoriously reluctant to travel, particularly over the holiday period.

You should have my mail address from our previous discussions about semi rigid sails.


firstfooty (U.K.Footy Sailing Secretary)

Where I live, the only thing you can do between Christmas and the new year is eat the leftovers from Christmas dinner, which isn’t much since the boys all turned 14. So since you can’t get the boats “into” the water, I’ll settle for building a hull and working with my Claudio Gadget.

Well the plans for the event have been drawn up and details are as follows:

Boxing day, 12.00 start, for a series of short races in front of the sailing club, or inside the haven at hill head Sailing club.

If you want to come along and enjoy yourself, you’d be most welcome.

We currently have 4 confirmed boats, 3 razors and one other (2 of the razors herald from SPAIN)


Hi Guys,

Just thought i’d let you know the boxing day event went of well.
We had 7 boats turn up- a Stollery AWK, 6 Razor 3’s and an American Footy

In very light winds, and with quite a mean tidal flow waitng to catch those skippers what wandered too far from the leeward buoy, it was an interesting event. Most boats only brought 1 rig, as for many it was their first proper sail.

All in all, 3 races (and a lot of frozen fingers and thumbs later…) we retired, to award the prizes.

First Place- Razor 3 lent to a complete beginner to RC sailing (dinghy racer)
Second Place - AWK on its second time out- would have done better, but kept hitting the marks :rolleyes:
3-5 place Razor 3’s
6th Place- American footy- severly under canvasssed in the conditions
7th place razor 3- first ever sail, and built backwards…:lol:

All in all a fun event, and many new promoses of boats for the next one for easter…