Winter projects

What are yours?

The forum, has been quiet the last few days, so come on people let?s hear what kind of secret weapons you?re developing this winter.

I plan to pick up a mini lathe from harbor freight some time this winter, and make myself some custom turnbuckles, and maybe a boomvang and gooseneck.

I have been playing with the idea of developing a micrometer style boomvang. [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2]:idea:[/SIZE][/FONT]

I am making a mast,boom, boom vang and my 6 year old and I are also going to make the wee nip boat. Hull is already done. Oh ya I am half way through making a new foam carbon fiber fin for my IOM now I will have to find time to cast the lead (using concrete for form) balsa blank is made. Then if I find time (hahahahaha) I will try making a rudder. I am also looking into making a vacuum bagging system from an old refrigerator. It is cold long winter in Calgary Alberta Canada so what else to do. Plus this sport is addictive, just started last year with a gift certificate for a hobby shop for christmas.

working on sanding off the old paint on my America 3 and repainting it. liked Wis’s paint job.


You can get quality used industrial vacuum bagging pumps really cheap on eBay. Wish I had known that before I spent a $140 USD for a hobby supplier one. :banghead:

Winter Project. mmmmm. Not to rub it in, but here in warm and sunny south florida, I plan to teach my soon to be 5 year son how to sail, and get him a Seawind of his own for his birthday. He really wants a pirate ship like the black peril. The hard part is keeping his two younger brother from accedently breaking the boats. The twins who are 3 want a boats of their own. So I might be busy assembling a bunch of sewinds.

Im still slwoly but surely workin on a USOM sort of a derivation of a Todd Brown design. I layed one hull up but decided to go with another layer of carbon so we are waiting for a little wamrmer weather until we can vacuum bag it and hopefully from there it will just be assembly of all the components. When the next hulls get formed I will post pics.

Andrew Miller


Noticed this vacuum pump today, thought you might like the link.

I bought a used Gast pump on eBay for about $85 incl s/h & it has worked well. One thing to keep in mind about any vacuum pump is whether or not it’s rated for the continuous duty needed for several hours in the bag until the epoxy fully cures.

Bill K

Dan this is what I was thinking of using for vacuum bagging.
I can pick up the pump at the local repair shop feon free for free then I need some pipe and a vacuum gauge. Its worh a shot.

still thinking ?

I humbly recommend a three Rater build. [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2]:angel:[/SIZE][/FONT]

My latest Project, A 18”x13”x2” chopping block made of cherry, and rock maple. Made possible by my propane space heater. :biglaugh:

ok i have a iacc20 to finish rigging. which is getting to be a pain. i have a 3r ready to be built. was looking into getting a vacume bag system. but may not have the time. and I want to redo my IOM. PLus I have a c and c boat to do.
lots on my plate:jump:

As a result of my recent relocation, I need to change classes to something raced locally. So’ll I’ll be building a Victoria kit over the winter, and if time permits may start an ODOM kit.

Winter? what’s Winter? OH YEAH… that time of year when it stays below 100 degrees all the time… EVERYONE wants boats this time of year… I have so many backed up it is CRAZY… but somehow they keep flowing out… and then I have to get my boats ready to race as the regattas start marching this way… I always sign up and pay my registration… but my New Years resolution is to actually attend and RACE this year. What a concept!

Winter:yawn: Oh yeah that finished a couple of months back - sailing is ON now :captain:, besides we sail all year down under :bravo:

This is a pretty ‘boring’ project, but I plan to update my Seawind and CR-914 radio systems to FM dual conversion. I’m hoping this will cut down on interference and glitching, as I have checked and re-checked my radio system in the hopes of eliminating it in other ways.

The radio I am currently considering is a Hitec Ranger III 3-channel FM Tx, and a PCX Hitec Rx.

Anyone have experience with these (good or bad)?