Winter projects

I think we had a thread like this last year.

Now that I have to face back-to-back winters, at least I’ve got some projects to attend to (from “definite” at the top to “wish list” at the bottom).

  1. Get myself an ODOM kit and a Victoria kit, so I’ve got a couple of boats to race with the local club next season.
  2. Have a go at making my own sails for the above (Cougar - we can compare notes as we go along).
  3. If time permits - put together a couple of Wee Nips for my boys. (I was going to do that last year but haven’t had time - Brett, maybe I should build Footies instead!)
  4. Sail my IOM whenever I can (even though she’s on her own here in CO).

…and maybe start my long term project, on an “as and when” basis, - a vintage Marblehead in timber to the Riptide design.

So - what have you other Northern Hemisphere types got planned?

i have a couple of projects to start and finish.1) finish the ac20 boat. ( this meen sails:-( ). 2) i will be getting plans for kite. my wife decided that this was something she could get me. SOOOOOOOOOO i have to build that or she will pull my head out of my a**. 3) build my 3r. this should make dan happy. although i am not sure i like the design i have. ( and yes i drew it on the computer.) lets hope it does not fall apart like another computer boat (nzl82). 4) finish off the c@c 32 boat.
soo i got alot of sails to make. I have seen the work of others. and they are my friends so the pressure is on.
would also like to lay up nzl 32 . the way i make hulls. i can do the bare hull in a day. just doing the rest takes time
muzza we can compare notes no problem. we both like the same type of sailors. the agressive ones. so no problem. we can try different drafts. different shapes. and different materials
p.s. anybody else want in on this?