Wingmast on 10R // Model Yachting # 138

First off, I want to congratulate the volunteers & staff of AMYA on their past production of a very informative publication, as well as the recent effort to bring current the schedule. GOOD JOB!!![:-bouncy][:-bouncy][:-bouncy][:-bouncy][:-bouncy][:-bouncy]

The last issue of Model Yachting (#138)contains an excellent article by Mark Gee (Class Secretary of the 10 Rater Class) about wingmast design. He points out that wings have the potential for over twice the lift of a standard “soft” sail rig. His simple design is very similar to that developed by Robert Weber( ), one of the premier designers of model landyachts. Mark has also come up with a unique solution for the problem of providing vang tension on the leach of the sail without inhibiting free mast rotation. The entire rig appears to be very well thought out & nicely built.

I’m not sure how well wingmast rigs will perform on displacement boats, but craft such as multihulls, planing hulls, iceboats & landyachts (wherever true windspeed is exceeded)need to take a serious look at this approach.

Bill K
AMYA 11052
ODOM #217


I would be interested in reading this article that you have read. Is there any way that you can post on here a copy or scan and send me a copy on e-mail.

Regards Blair

Hi Bill, I would be intrested in reading the article, is there some way to do this. I know that there have been alsorts of efforts over the years to get the wing to work, but soft sails and standard masts seem to keep comming back as the way it is.

Gappy & Coorang,
Thanks for the interest, but unfortunately I’m not set up with a scanner. Besides, it probably would violate copyright laws…[;)][;)]

Perhaps there is someone from Down Under who belongs to AMYA & could mail you a photocopy. If nothing else works out, contact me off-forum with your address & I’ll snail mail a copy.
BTW, Bruce Ewing from NZ has designed & built a wingmast for his Mini 40 trimaran:
Tom Speer, an aeronautical engineer from Boeing has written an informative paper about the theory & computer modeling of wingmast rigs:

Also, I should note a correction to my original post: Mark Gee wrote the article, but the rig was actually designed & built by Whitney Gee.