While tests on the other rig are ongoing, this idea as been rolling around my head for some time. based on rigs that the rc land-sailers use which uses a rigid foil (wing) and a flexible sail material combined to obtain a wing design that is controlled in the same manner as a conventional sail. I chose a NACA 0017 airfoil which is a relatively high lift/slow speed design and built up over a carbon-fiber mast using balsa spars over ribs to save weight. a slot at the trailing edge will allow different sized sail sections to be slipped in for various wind conditions or can be sailed on wing alone.

Jim, I’ve often thought that something like this could possibly be an interesting case study for a footy but never really got around to convincing myself to build one… I’m looking forward to how this baby performs – and if nothing else it will look fantastic! I’d be interested in how much control of the sail/wing you can actually get with only the controls permitted to footy’s… That has been the stumbling block on all the mental wings I’ve “built” laughs… Great project, keep it up!

The controls are no problem. Use digital communications and something like Gumstix intelligence at the far and. You can run as many devices as you like off a single radio channel. The rule is totally impotent and pointless.

The Wingfoot sail is getting closer to completion, it has been covered with Ultra-cote and a test sail built . Hopefully, we will have it in the water this weekend for trials. a new mast step with bearings has been installed (borrowed from a rc car) and features a quick rake adjustment . having the mast rod start at the leading edge of the wing at the step area and transfer thru the CE of the wing ,causes the sail to self vane into the wind. the sail clew adjustment sets the amount of combined (wing and sail) chord . I made up a new larger rudder and reworked the aft topside, a new thin keel (.050") made from G-10 is very rigid for it’s thickness.

Jim K

i know this thread is a bit old, but i just wondered if there was any news on the success or not of the wingsail, as i’d been looking at doing something similar, but all solid myself


I just receved my NACA 0019 sail back from repaid prototyping shop and will release the data soon.