Wing Sails

Has anyone tried making wing sails.
Here’s a couple of pics of one I’m still finishing to try out…

And Here’s a Pic of a Cat I’m also working on.

I’ll be trying out the wing on my 1.5m Tri First since it’s a more stable platform…


The wing looks great. How long until it sets sail?

I am very interested to hear how it works. I am thinking seriously about making a wing for my F48/mini40 trimaran.


Here’s the Basic Winged Tri Set-up.
Still finalising Radio gear but the Screacher shown will be able to Furl for going upwind…

Will hopefully hit the water in the next 2 or 3 weeks…

wow that’s looking great! cant wait to see it in the water!

Dave - have you figured out yet how you will sheet the sail? Looks like it would need to have some kind of cunningham to control it and keep it slightly outboard and away from the wing? If wind strength won’t do it, hopefully you will find a way to trim it, and share your engineering ideas with us.

Good luck. Dick