Wing Sail Section

I’ve finally turned my mind towards building a prototype wingsail for my mini40 tri. I’m looking to use a NACA 0012 or 0015 profile - any thoughts?


Ray -

I may need to email you off-line and from home. I’ve had the privilige to know two different big boat multihull sailors that were directly involved in solid wing theory/use.

  1. was a solid wing that appeared in our 18 Square Meter multihull class in early 1980’s and as I recall, at the time thinking was thicker was better since the Reynolds’ numbers were so low compared to aircraft.

  2. most recently, one of my r/c sialing friends from Toronto was the crew on the Canada C Class catamaran that won the challenge and took the cup away from the US winged boat. This person was invovled in some F-100 Class (1 Meter) experiments and provided me with some (not much) wing info. I will try to find his email and provide to you and you can do a slef-introduction. I would appreciate any sharing you would do and I have long considered a wing here in the US but never had a need or desire to build one. We have a litle bit of a Mini40/F-48 revival going on, so it may be a reason to revisit a wing.

In the meantime - here are some photos to keep you happy and drooling… :lol::


Have you seen the wing sail that has the canards on it? I believe it will be self trimming? Might be a alternative to the standard wing sail??