Wind guages

Has anyone used this anerometer? Is it worth the money? Any comments?


I have been using this type for almost 4 years and it works quite well. The coin battery in the little computer was good for over 3 years.

The $79.00 version, I mounted on a pole and kept the wire incase I needed to run it along distance later… but you can use the handheld just as easily. I put mine on a 5’ pole with a base and I take it to the lake, mounted along with a compass and windvane it was really handy on race day.

Hi Don,

It is probably a fine gauge.

I have never been one for gagets, I would put the money towards some good professionally made sails. (They will help you go faster).

You can read wind strength to choose which rig by the pattern on the water, by looking at flags or by looking at competitors boats on the water.

You can make one from some recycled bits for almost nothing.