Will this 2.4 module fit my Futaba 6XA??

Just got this one
and woudl like to know if it is compatible or if there is any way to fiti it to a Futaba 6XA, there is a site with a step by step tutorial, but i have no knowledge or skills fo advanced electroics, and since the radio is not the same I can not follow the step by step instructions so easyly.


Hope you can help.

With a 6xa I would like to set one memory for each rig configuration, even try small changes to find a better set up, acoording to wind level…

Tato Lazo

You can also use these.



As you should note, the Futaba 6XA does not have the slot for the 2.4 module. so I can not use items like that.
In the mean while I used this one : Corona 2.4Ghz DIY Module & RX (DSSS) in a 6EXA.

The radio works perfectly with 2.4 board soldered to the signal and positive wires in the transmiter board.

Does somebody were shgould I solder the positive ( vcc) pulsoe (mod) and negative wires ina 6xa radio???
I opened it today and it has only one board with no cables exposed to view.

Hope you can help

tato Lazo.

This is not a 2.4 module.
It is a synthesized RF module and you can plug it into any radio and use the receivers illustrated above.
The problem with the 2.4 is that the signal bounces off the water surface and can not penetrate water.


Thanks for your effort. 2.4 or RF it is a module anyway. The instructions you provide clearly says. “Plug in the Spectra module in place of the old module.”. But the Futaba 6XA does not use any module, so does not have any hole where to place the Rf gizmo you pictured before.

I opened the 6XA again and the diference with the 6EXA is that the first one has only one main board and is very hard to find the vcc, pulse and ground wires to place in between the cables coming out from the 2.4 board. In the 2EXA was very easy to do and just took half an hour the entire conversion. With a switch I can use 2.4 or return to 72MHZ.

I would like to insist with the conversion of the 6XA to 2.4 and leave it exclusively for sailboats, and keep the 6EXA for airplanes. BUt if there are no manuals to do that then i will keep the 6XA for sailboats permanently.


tato Lazo

You may post this question about converting your Futaba 6XA 72Mhz radio to the HiTec synthesized RF module on www.rcgroups.com

OK Thanks.