Wikipedia article

I ahve just finally got round to “enhancing” the Wikipedia article. It can be found under Footy (model yacht). I did set up a disambiguation page for Footy but somebody at Wikipedia seems to have re-ambiguated it. If anyone felt like reading it and editing it or feeding back comments, I would be very grateful.

i am currently useless to this cause… [i am taking some time off to sail my “big” boat - read Club 420 - and thus am away from both my temporary workshop, my boats:mad::scared: and rather surprisingly any new and interesting ideas:p. however, the page looks great! [i wonder, should we put a link to our site on it? is it already there and i didnt see it?]

anyhow, just wanted to put up some feedback! the footy infestation has begun!

oh, and angus, i picked up on the little jab " the wide, heavy “All-American Muscle Footy” " we shall see my friend, we shall see…:smiley:


oh, edit: i can only find the footy page through the link in this forum… Wiki says there is no such thing…?