Wider Marbleheads

After looking at some pictures of marbleheads and seeing what is available for sale as a “production” boat, why have a I seen few if any wider Marbleheads. I am coming up with a design that will be about 10-12 inches wide and will prove to be very stable. Now displacement may be more than the “norm” but I THINK it will be a great boat.

My thoughts are, a light boat accelerates faster, and a narrow boat can be lighter. Also a narrow boat might tend to track straighter going upwind.

Just curious what others thoughts are?

Also, am I correct that there is no displacement limit for the M class?

this is a very tough question to anwser. you can talk to alot of people and get alot of different answers. from what i know… a narrow boat WILL sit deeper in the water. but also will have less wave drag. yet a wide boat will sit on top of the water. and have less drag. but yet has more wave drag. so it is sort of a trade off, i did design a 3r. where the rules are easy to follow. my boat is long and thin. and in a straight line it is fast. and also in strong winds. i am good to go.
the marbleheads that i have seen . all seem to be going thin. 7-8 inch beam
i got monarch. and i can see why it is fast. just by looking at it. you can see how graham got around things
good luck:zbeer: