Wicksteed Park Results

Herewith the results for last weekend’s event at Wicksteed Park near Kettering.

For those with slow connections, the scoresheet contains just the results plus a ‘blow-by-blow’ graph showing the ups and downs of the day.

The PDF file contains the full report.

I got a few pictures of the proceedings at Wicksteed - it was a great day, very well hosted and run with a nice, friendly feeling.

Weather was fairly heavy, and gradually increased as the day went on -starting at about 15mph - ~I don’t know what it was at the end, but the waves it produced in the lee end of the pool were quite daunting to a footy

Shall we draw a veil over my actual performance - it soom became evident that I was not going to trouble the scorers
I was sailing Voooortrekkker, and stripped a brand new servo gybing at the downwind mark

after some running repairs - one of the servos out of Sloice cyanoed in place as a replacement I was still not in the hunt, but enjoyed the sailing

Trevor Thomas 147 and Gary Sanderson 13 in characteristic close company, Gary with swing rig

Gives an idea of the conditions
Most people were running their second smallest rig, and the downwind antics were memorable

Another notable performance - Chris Jackson suffered gear failure before the start of the first race, and borrowed the Opalek that Gary had brought - POL02, Karolina’s boat. It behaved very well once the rudder had been skillfully increased in size during a break. Chris finished all the races, finished well and got a third in his best race - Opalek fulfilled its potential and gave Chris a fun and competitive drive:D
He can be seen with a blue cap, Polish Footy and a big grin in the mass photo in the race report

Good day for Footys- thank you very much Wicksteed club:zbeer:


Wicksteed - the Polish dimension!

As related above Chris sailed Opalek to a good result - most especially in the wind we had.

Gary has just made available some photos of this triumph, and they are skillfully taken to reveal two of the reasons for the good result (apart, that is, from the fact that Chris is a good person and sailor:D)

The lake, the skippers, garys gherkin

Opalek doing well - you can see the conditions and her wonderful high-aspect rig. It is more wonderful and higher aspect after “tuning” was carried out on the main roach with a pair of scissors

You can see, too, that the main is sheeted much looser than the jib to reduce the weathercocking tendencies.

Can’t guess who the boat-stand is - but this shows the rudder extension in all its glory. The shape was arrived at after many hours of FEA and tests in the NHL tanks and a sharp attack of Gary’s scissors

Close hauled in perhaps 18to 20 Mph wind

Thanks Gary for the pics: thanks too, to Pawel and Karoline for the design and build:zbeer:

This is just a reformatted results spreadsheet for Wicksteed. The spreadsheet itself is now all on one page and the distribution graph can actually be seen.

It seems an unfortunate quirk of Excel that if there is more than one entry at a point then only the last one is visible. This makes it appear that Andy Halstead was the only one to post multiple DNS/DNFs which was not the case at all. Just look for the lines that hit the top and don’t return :rolleyes: