Wich multihul to chosse?

Im from Sweden and new to this rc multihull. I have a Hobie Tiger for real sailing but want to have one for rc. The trimaran design sounds best but can you tell me wich one i should go for. The best size is 1-1.2 meters. Is it any plans for a boat whit instructions on how to build for free or someone how have something to share.


Joakim -

where you are, you have two major classes, - the Mini40 at 1200mm and the bigger 2 Meter boats. I have seen photos of several Swiss boats - but I do not have a contact for anyone over there. It seems ( my guess) that many are moving from the smaller multihull up to the bigger 2 Meter boats. Lots of activity in France and a bit in England.

There are two free plans available - GHOST TRAIN or WATER RESIST - but these are only the line drawings - no written instructions. When Graupner stopped making the BUTTERFLY, no other company is out there that I know of.

Most boats are built from scratch by their owners. There is a fellow living in England who still builds the Mini40 sized boats. His name is Anthony Wright and his company is called Apollo Boat Services (apolbotserv@yahoo.ie) or his website (http://www.apolloboatservices.co.uk/). Also - here are a couple of websites from Europe where you may find assistance and/or boats.

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I see that you have built one. You dont have the olans and instruction t share?


No - -

the plans were emailed from Jean Margail in France (Do a search for WATER RESIST) and he will email them to you. You will need a big printer and some software to read CAD as the final drawing size is big (3 feet x 5 feet) ! It would cost almost the same for the plans to be printed as the cost to mail from the USA. ?Less costly to get the electronic files and have someone there print them for you if you don’t have the hardware and software. ?Also, Jean might sell them to you and he is in France - which is a lot closer.

These are line drawings only - there are no written building instructions, and are really for experienced model builders who have boat building or model plane experience. In reality, once you have built a boat, the next ones are much easier. ? I can answer questions as you build, but I have not taken the time to write down all the steps necessary to build one. ?A boat this big would require a “book” of instructions. ?Visit his site - and be sure look over some of the construction hints. If you can get the large prints, and can shape solid foam, you should be able to build one. ?The GHOST TRAIN plans are also just line drawings - no text or written instructions. ?Basically you build one main hull. Then you build two side floats/hulls. Then connect together with cross beams. Add a mast and sails, some line to support the mast, and the radio equipment to control the sails positions and to control left/right on the rudder.

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WATER RESIST is a trimaran design by Jean Margail of France. It is of the newer “surface piercing” type of design.

The line drawings are available directly from Jean, by request via email. Email Jean at his site and by reply mail he will send you the file plan for the Mini40 trimaran.
(he also has a 2 meter sized catamaran available as well)

His French web site is located at: http://water.resist.free.fr/

If needed, click on the British flag for English translation of the site. Go to the Plans/Build section of the site.

NOTE: the drawings consist of line drawings. They do not include a construction manual or instructions. A CAD viewer is required to see and print these drawings, and they require a plotter or wide format printer for output. Sheet size is approximately 3 feet x 5 feet. Multiple sheets are required for main hull, floats, cross beams and sail plan.

GHOST TRAIN is a trimaran designed by Andy McCulloch of Britain.

Through the courtesy of Alan Hayes in New Zealand, and Andy, these line drawings are made available at no charge. The line plans and the sail plans can be downloaded from these two links.

Lines: http://radioyachting.com/Files/gtrain.dwg

Sail Plan: http://radioyachting.com/Files/gt-sailp.dwg

NOTE: these are line drawings only. They DO NOT include instructions for building or rigging. The plans are approximately 3 feet x 5 feet in size and require a CAD viewer to read/print and a wide format printer or plotter to output to paper!