Why is the post below this one showing up?

That is a post from several years ago! How did it make it to the “Recents” list?

If you are referring to sail material posts - any time someone “finds” a topic in archives, if they post against it regardless of dormancy it will appear like a current, on-going thread. Sometimes a new reader will find a really old thread, post a question to it and become upset because the originator didn’t reply. I don’t know how long Chad (administrator here) keeps stuff in archives, but resurrecting an old thread - it is important for the current poster to identify the date.

Hope this explanation helps? Kind of like finding old love letters of 40 years ago in the attic - often fun to read - if you were the sender or recipient… if not, maybe not. :scared:

I understand why the replies to old posts show up, but was most of the post in the title? Shouldn’t it be “Sail Fabric”? It seems very distracting is all. No more comments from me, so it will fade away!

TYVEK White - not printed (do not use heat setting tapes!) Type 1443 (a soft hand material - not stiff) 60 inches wide $3.25 / yard
COBRA 75 .75 oz. Laminate (like heavy weight TriSpi) Clear with white polyester scrim inside 56 inches wide $9.75 / yard
DACRON 3.9 oz. White 36 inches wide $8.95 / yard
POLYESTER RIPSTOP .60 oz. White Ripstop 45 inches wide $6.00 / yard
Owner indicates they can ship worldwide. Visit site and get freight costs so you don’t get surprised! They also offer “seconds” on many fabric items, carbon or glass tubes, and entire rolls of cloth if you want to purchase for an entire club project.

Yeah I noticed that on the frontpage a few days ago.

I believe the post was written when we were on a different software. I tried to remove the html tags that were messing things up. It actually crashed a table when I hit the update button. So I decided to leave it alone for the time being until I can investigate further as to why it crashes the table when I try to update it and remove those tags.

Or I could try to update the main page to better handle those tags I suppose.