Why a footy. cont..

Just bringing this old thread to the surface. It is good to hear a lot of views on the likes and dis-likes of the Footy Class for those thinking of a first boat or the Nth boat.

I think as a new class, the Footy nicely fills the void on the smaller end of the spektrum.

Let’s get some more inputs from all sides and indicate what boats you now have or had so we know where you are coming from.

Best Regards, Frank
Soling 1M
Victoria (Sold)
Razor Footy
HA Footy

After more than forty years of competitive dinghy sailing I needed something fresh…
The Footy fitted the bill perfectly;
the class provides competitve racing added to the opportunity to experiment and inovate without it costing a small fortune…

Hi Karen

Thanks for the comment and sharing your nice website. I like your quote.

We have been trying to get ladies sailing at our Sebring, FL (www.tanglewoodmyc.com) and I am hopeful that the introduction of Footy’s may help.

We had a Friday evening couples event where we stretched 30 ballons across the pond and taped pins to the bow of the boats. There was a lot of laughter and poppings sounds (wine corks & ballons) as the ladies had a controller in one hand and a glass in the other.

We will continue to try and increase female involvement.

Ahem, sorry FF, but it was me (Mark) that posted, Karen is the photographic side of the family, however as soon as her damaged shoulder is fixed I have high hopes of getting her to exchange the camera for a radio control

Hey Y’all;

Decided to try RC sailing after doing other RC boats and on another thread was asking about boats to start with.

A decision has been made: starting with a Footy hull.
Just joined FootyUSA Yahoo Group.

Hull design will be a sharpie/scow hybrid based on something found the other day while farting around in Google while I couldn’t sleep.

Second sketch down, figure 2C.
Add a little deadrise, a wee bit of flare to the sides, and away we go!

Think I want to see if a junk rig could be fabricated; battens, rope parrels and all. Maybe with result being something like a junk rigged catboat? That’s gonna be interesting.

Next question, What the h*** do I think I’m doing ?!?!?!? :lol:

In the last three months, I built my first ever model boats which were Bill Hagerup’s Razor Footy and Brett McCormack’s Bob About 2. I believe the B-2 was an easier hull to build. See info here including balsa panel patterns: http://www.footy.rcsailing.net/plans.php. I know I will be building a few more this year after I get to our Florida home in Sebring.

Basically, the B-2 version of the Bob About set a record for 5 laps of the Footy Internet Course and finished 6th of 42(http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~bsmack/) in the July 08 Jaunt and Jostle. The boat is 335mm long at waterline which should make it faster than the Razor. Drawings for the B2 can be obtained from Brett for $7 which is how I made mine. I used the B1 instructions as a guide.

An interesting side line is a FREE program called Hullform (www.hullform.com) which after you state dimensions, it will draw out the boat shape. I am not sure of the steps to generate the hull panel shapes for cutting the Balsa, but it may be a program called FreeShip. Maybe someone can enlighten us by responding to this post.

Picking a name is part of the fun. Have you got one yet?

Best Regards, Frank

Soling 1M
Victoria (Sold it)
Razor Footy 007 “GoldFoot”
Modified B-2 TBD “Half @$$”

Frank! I haven’t even got the hull drawn yet!
Got some done at laundromat.

First finishing matter for me is what color - then it will tell me what it wants to be named.

Ohhh! Look at Footy ketch just past halfway doen this page:

As far as names, when we lived in Georgia we lived along Ocmulgee river - Ocmulgee is from Indian word for something like “bubbling water” - probably not best name for your boat, eh.

“even when there aren’t any Footies here in OZ as yet…”

Sorry but have you overlooked the 507¿¿¿
AndyT <with his OZ ?>

Please people , look at the dates in this thread. Waboats was the biggest spoiler this class has seen. Like any spiler, he had some points - and the current structure of the class is lasrgely a result of trying to address them.

However, they were very difficult times. Atone stage Brett and I were botyh being threatened with lehgal action for various alleged sins.

I asked Brett to udse his moderator’s privileges to close the thread, make the last entry an explanation of why it was being close and open a new one. He seems to have forgotgten, or else he doesn’t have the power to do it…

But to avois rubbing salt in old wounds, could you please read this threrd as an historical document and make any comments in another thread. That way yhis thibg will fall of the front page quite quickly.

Hi Angus,
I looked at the thread and didn’t see any need to censor it.Of course anyone may PM Chad and ask him to do it .I am sure I would be accused of all sorts of things if it is me who closes it.

Yes waboats did all sorts of nasty things and made threats towards me but there was no reason to close the thread back then just as I don’t see a reason to close it now.
He is gone and discussion can continue…

Hey Y’all;

Here’s an idea for a prototype for a Footy hull:

and another:

There’s more ideas scattered through the forum based on what’s been seen over last couple years.
Question is, how to go back and find them?!


So Forrest - if you like it, scale it, make sure it has enough immersed volume, and build it! Then tell us how it sails.

Actually, I was kind of hoping someone more experienced would test the concept so someone like me could just follow the leader. :pirate: :smiley:

Well Forrest - One of the intriguing aspects of the Footy class is that we are all starting with a clean slate as to what a Footy should be. There is really no leader to follow, we are all following what we think will work best. There is a lot of information and many opinions expressed on this site, but all of it should be taken as a point of departure, not as the final word.

When I said if you find a design you like or that interests you build it, I am recommending that you get your feet wet by doing. Most people’s first stab at boat building ends in a disappointment on some level. Too heavy, too crude, falls apart, whatever. The point is to learn, from your mistakes as well as your successes. The next boat will be an improvement. You will then start having ideas that you would like to experiment with. A few boats down the road, who knows, you might be posting advise to new guys right here.

So Forrest, and all the rest of those reading this post who prefer to be followers, don’t wait, if you want something done you must do it yourself. We need more people sharing their experiences here and contributing to the Footy class to make the class grow!