Who wants a Photo Album

Hi All,
Who would like a photo album where we could each post photo’s of our boats?

cant we already post photos on this forum so why dont you just make your self a new topic called photos of my boat


When the Apprentice knows more than the Mentor its time to quit!

Yachtie- you should currently have your own photo album available… if not PM me and I will make sure to create one for you or anybody who would like to use one

done i am there.
i will take pictures and send them to you
p.s. who do i send them too?
long live the cup

whats say this, I create a photo album on Fotki.com
I give the password & username to people who want their photo’s up there, we get 10240 kB of free storage space for our photo’s.
But do we need an email address, should I create one like rcsailing@hotmail.com or something similar?