Who has Moonshadow?

I was thinking of Angus today…and still missing his irritating phone calls…and I was wondering who ended up as custodian of Moonshadow.

Anyone know?


… still missing his irritating, wonderful, posts on this forum



ps : Moonshadow

I took this photo of moonshadow at my first ever footy race, and the first time I met Angus

No-one is ever quite the same after they have been Angussed!
I miss his calls too!

I am pretty sure that Graham Elliot has the Moonshadow. We were going to test performance with an ICE at Angus’s last Birthday Party but Graham didn’t turn up.

I believe Avro_707 is correct, and Graham Elliot has it.

I have been trying to contact him for some time with the intention of “borrowing” Moodnshadow for comparative tests, but I have had no success with either phone calls or E-mails.

I shall try again a.s.a.p.

I seem to remember I got my last Wi-Fi router because it had a separate free phone line which I would use to phone Angus - I suspect we all miss him. I do get to bed a lot earlier these days though.

As a point of interest, the new Footy webssite here in the U.K. is advertising a day of team racing in Angus’ name -see http://www.sailfootyuk.com/the-richardson-trophy.html It is being run by those fine fellows at the new Abington Park club in Northampton. The title page has a photo of Angus and Bill Hagerup perusing a McCormack rigged Footy.



I have the original plug,plans and my drawings for appendages and rigs


Did we find her? has she raced again?