Whirlwind winch parts

Have a Sterne Logic Marblehead with a Whirlwind Olympic 6V drum winch. Stripped out the plastic center of the pulley drum. Looking for original type or equivalent. 1.75 outside diameter .162 square shaft size. Will Hitec or Futaba drums fit? Thanks, Clyde

Short answer is ‘No’, but the long answer is that you may be able to fit a Futaba or Hitec if you put grease into the shaft screw hole and then a gob of epoxy into the splined recess in the drum and fit it over the square shaft, remove the excess epoxy, grease up the screw and screw it in, but not fully so that there is still a film of grease where you dont want the epoxy to stick. The epoxy should be held radially by the square and the spline without moving. Best to use a fully hardening epoxy, not the quick set type that stays a bit rubbery. Care must also be taken that epoxy does not get into the casing of the servo. Best try to do the job with the servo upside down!




This is a common fault I do have several spares that I would be prepared to sell.

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