Whipstaff Joints

For the background to this, please see the Whipstaffs thread in the Footy forum.

It is obvious that the components of the whipstaff must be very rigid if they are not to jam. I am therefore using carbon tube and rod, which has the added advantage that it will not corrode.

However, I am somewhat nervous about the tiller sleeve/whipstaff joint. In principle there is no problem about drilling a 0.7 mm hole through the sleeve on the tiller and the whipstaff extension rod and then cutting a recess (essentially a pair of jaws) in the tiller sleeve to accoomodate the whipstaff extension.

However, my limited experience of carbon pultrusions suggests that when faced with any sort of cutting ar drilling operation, the pulltrusions tend to come apart.

Any advice?


To cut or drill CF sometimes a dull drill cutting at slow rpm will break the fibers loose and make a fuzzy hole. Use thin super glue to make the fuzzies solid and re-drill the hole, repeat this process untill the hole or slot is to size. Make sure to wait long enough for the glue to set completely before repeating as interesting things happen when slotting with a Dremel tool and it grabs. Always use breathing protection when cutting CF. Clyde